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Monday, February 25, 2013

Bisi bele dalia(bisi- bele- broken wheat)

 Bisi bele bhath  is a rice-based dish with its origins in the state of Karnataka .. Bisi-bele-bhaath translates to hot lentil rice in the Kannada language. But when dalia is used instead of rice it adds double the nutrition to this dish. This is a easy yet healthy way to consume dalia (broken wheat ) . Broken wheat is more nutritious than rice, because it contains more fiber, more vitamins and minerals, and has a better glycemic index than white rice or refined flour.. I thought to replace dalia with rice and this was as healthy and yummilious combo.


2 cups - vegetables of your choice (diced)
2 tbsp - tamarind paste (or pulp extracted from a big lemon-sized ball of tamarind)
3/4 cup - Toor dal
11/2 cups - dalia (broken wheat)
Curry leaves, leaves from 2 strands
1 tsp - oil
1 tsp - mustard seeds
1 tbsp - chopped coriander leaves
2 tsp - ghee (optional)
3 tsp - sambhar powder
1 tsp - Red chilli  pd
1/4 tsp - Turmeric pd
1tsp- Dhania or coriander pd
Salt to taste

  • In a pressure cooker heat oil add curry leaves, mustard seeds . After they splutter add onion saute till transparent  and then add tomatoes and cook till they are done .Add vegetables and saute for a while.
  • Add sambhar pd , redchilli pd, cumin pd, turmeric pd, dhania pd, tamarind paste and salt to the the mixture and mix well.
  • Add  dal and dalia,  and 5 cups of water to adjust consistency. Boil for 5 mins till everything mixes well. 

  • Cover the pressure cooker and cook in low flame till 3 whistles. After the pressure cools of open the pressure cooker and give a quick mix and serve them hot with appalam or any chips...


  1. Nice and never heard of this recipe new to me :) looks yummy.

  2. love to scoop with a spoon - i can feel the warm of that healthy rice from the presentation itself :)

  3. dearies its dalia !!! thank you !!!

  4. very healthy and yummy recipe.

  5. delicious and yummy bath:)

  6. Yummilicious recipe Manju... Looks so good :)

  7. This is a nice idea. looks delicious Manju

  8. Healthy one pot meal.

  9. love this healthy bath and delicious too...

  10. Thanks for the recipe. But with 7 cups of water and 4 whistle, my dish was burnt at the base of the cooker. Very disappointed. Please tell me why

  11. Revathi Rangaswamy As mentioned in the post the water level can be more depending on the consistency the lid should be on after the mixture boils a little you have to give it a mix before putting the lid on . Cook the dalia in low to medium flame to avoid burning in the bottom, most often when you keep it in high flame particles settled in bottom cooks faster and doesn't allow the mixer to surround so medium flame is recommended . Also Make note of the intervals between each whistle it should not be too long. Don't get disappointed dear this dish can also be done on a stove top but needs continuous observation.

    1. Also Roast the dalia well even it helps .. Thanks for trying hope this helps !!


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