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Monday, March 25, 2013

Flaxy Fruity Milkshake ( Flax seed banana strawberry milkshake )

Flax seeds are a good source of omega-3 fats and fiber. Flax seeds have anti-inflammatory properties, promote bone health and help protect against heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Studies have shown that nutrients in flax seeds can help prevent and lower high blood pressure and cholesterol. Consuming flax seeds even decrease the risk of dry eye syndrome. After reading the facts about  flax seed just wanted to grab a box from groceries . This my first ever recipe i tried  with this healthy ingredients and wanted to  include in my family diet .

Milkshake are my H favorite and i try to give him different  milkshakes every time. This time tired this yummy and healthy shake .. Lets look for the healthy ingredients and method to prepare this shake :)


Banana- 1 riped
Strawberries - 3 nos
Organic Flax seeds - 2 tbsp
Whole Milk - 1 1/2 cup
Heavy cream - 1/2 cup
Sugar- 2 tsp


  • In a blender dice in some riped banana's, some sliced strawberries, flax seeds, whole milk sugar . 
  • Blend them till all the ingredients are combined and flax seeds are well ground.
  • Pulse the mixture till they resemble nice and smooth . At last add heavy cream, give them 2-3 pulse and serve them chilled in a glass .
  • Garnish them with a strawberry sliced  and fixed on the rim of the glass.

Serving options

You can add desired fruits to this shake eg  kiwi ,pomegranate.
You can serve with vanilla  ice cream scooped on top .


  1. Yummy n interesting combo dear... super...

  2. Very healthy and refreshing shake.

  3. That sounds so yummilicious Manju :) Must have tasted so rich and creamy..!!

  4. Yummy milkshake.. Nice presentation, Manju :)

  5. Very healthy shake Manju,seriously i love flax seeds in my shakes too,beautifully done.

  6. Perfect chilly milkshake :) looks superb Manju and adding flazseeds makes it really healthy too

  7. Nice combo... Good thought :)

  8. Perfect and healthy shake...Perfectly done...

  9. very healthy and very refreshing shake!!! super filling too!!
    Thanks for linking it to my event!! Looking for more yummy recipes!!
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  10. Hi,

    Cool milkshake.
    Thanks for linking this to ONLY event.



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