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Thursday, March 28, 2013

My first Event announcement for Non - bloggers !!! - "Come on - Lets Cook Buddies"

 My 100th post

 Am really happy that am a part of this huge blogosphere and my fellow blogger's have accepted me as blogger with a very kind heart and are encouraging me all the time.  As you all lately know i have been showered with lots of awards and giveaways :) so thankful to the blogger's for  bringing me under lime light . Am  so happy to announce my first ever event in my blogging  :). Happy to host this time for a difference.... Am hosting this event to celebrate all my victories i have been showered with..

I started  concentrating and innovating only after marriage and loved to share my pics with my friends in FB ... They were so kind enough to give me encouraging words and appreciating me now and then .. They are the soul reason for me having my own blog thanks to them. My buddy's are  also great cook's :)  this event is truly dedicated to our non- blogger friends :) .Our non blogger friends rarely get chance to show case their talent's so this event is to give them fair chance to take part and enjoy the event.

Blogger's do share this with your friends and tell them to take part in this event. It will kind enough if  you do so :)

Now lets come to the event.. As the event say's am going to cook with my non blogger buddies and the best recipe is going to win a surprise giveaway award  :) so the event name is 

"Come on - Lets cook buddies!!"

The event starts form March 29th and there is going to be only one non blogger winner :) From Apr 1st i'll start posting the entries .


First mandatory rules is to Like my FB page -  " Desi fiesta "

  •  Only non- blogger can take part in this event.
  • Non blogger can share any veg recipes.. NO egg/ No meat/No mushroom are allowed as am a veggie and am going to trying your recipes it is recommended to not use the before mentioned ingredients in your dish.
  • As i have already posted about the event in my FB page and some of my friends have already given their name i'll be posting the recipes in first come first served  manner who ever sends me the recipe soon i'll post their recipe first ..
  • Non bloggers can sent any number of recipes but each recipe will be considered  as separate entries .. This may increase your chance of winning :)
  • Non blogger have to mail me with the name of the recipes they are going to submit in this contest in a single mail . I will approve the entries and then you can send the recipes one by one..
  • Once i approve your list of recipes you can send the recipes one by one and I will be publishing them simultaneously one by one.
  • Regarding the pic you send me should not be just garbed from internet or any other source. It should compulsorily belong to you . If you have already shared the recipes in any other social network or any other sites you can't again use it for the contest.
  • You can start sending your recipe approval from 29th Mar  and send the recipe one by one after approval till 29th Apr. I'll be publish all the entries one by one from Apr 1st to- till all entries i have received get published.
  • Am asking for an approval list before sending the recipes bcoz i don't want any repetition of recipes . So do send decide and send the approval list in a single mail so that i can inform you if  there is any repetition.
  • I 'll be trying your recipe  depending on the ingredients available in my place readily. As soon as i try will post the pic taken in a separate post  and not on the same post or the participants entry. So that way i want the participants to get all the appreciations . 
  • Send your entries  and approval list and then recipes with a pic with subject "your name - come on lets cook buddies event " . 
             send it to tis Mail id :
  • Plz send  your recipes in the following manner:

Brief intro about you?
How did you come to know about this event and how do you feel to be a part of this event?
Any cooking tips you want to share ?
Your name:
Your mail id:
Recipe name:
Take a pic of the recipe :
Introduction about the recipe:
Method of preparation
Variations(if any )

* If you don't go by the rules given i have to disqualify your entry. so plz try to follow the rules buddies :)

If you have any doubts about the event you can either leave a comment here or in my FB page .

How will the winner be selected ?

As you all know i'll will be trying each recipe so me and hubby are the first panel of judges and the second plan of judges are 5 of my Blogger friends .We are going to score based on the following criteria :

  • Method and measurements
  • Explanation of the recipe
  • Innovation
  • Taste
  • Presentation

Surprise giveaway

All the participants should  be having an INDIAN address bcoz the giveaway will be useful only to the participants having an Indian address . If you are living away from india but having an indian address you can take part in this event ..Am going to be sponsor of this giveaway event so will be letting the winner know via mail , FB  and also announce officially  in my blog . The winner has to acknowledge me with in one week after announcing the Results else i have to select some other entry from the list  .

This event is open only till 29 th Apr so hurry !!!

So "Come on - Lets cook buddies ".. 

All the best to all the participants :)


Thank you for Visiting desi fiesta and dropping your wonderful comments , Your comments means a lot to me :) . My gentle request to all the readers plz do not give links in the comment box .. I will visit your blogs for sure, trust me !! :)