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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Vegetable Hyderbadi Dum birayani

Hi my dear SNC group !!!Am so happy to complete  the 6th challenge ...As you all know there is an event going on +Divya Pramil   space You Too Can Cook  .. The event is all about two teams north and south team ..A member from north team and a member south team respectively  will challenge  the opposite team members with a recipe from their respective zone  and opposite teams have to post the same recipe on their Blog .. this takes place every month .. The idea of this event is that we learn so many different recipes from different zones .. Hats off to divya for this great idea .. click here to partcipate


An update on whats going on till now in SNC challenge:

Challenge 1- October month's challenge

North team Host shruti dhingra from " shruti's rasoi"- Bhel puri
South team Host divya from "Divya's culinary journey "- Mysore pak


Challenge 2- November month's challenge

North team host Pallavi from "cook -eat- burrp" - Gulab jamun
South team host Yashodha from "yashodha's kitchen" - Adhirasam


Challenge 3- December month's challenge

North team Host Meena from " Random rambling " - Misal pav
South team Host Sherin from " Kuk's kitchen" - Medu vada


Challenge 4- Janurary month's challenge
North team Host " me " (Manjula bharath) from "Desi fiesta" - Rajasthani  mini ghevar topped with kesar rabdi 
South team Host Ramya  from " Lemon Kurry" - Vada curry


Challenge 5 - February month's challenge

North team's host Sanoli from Sanoli's recipes- Green pea kachori with dum aloo
South teams's host Tamil from Tamil's kitchen- paal kozhukattai

Challenge 6 - January  month's challenge

North team's host  Kirti Choudhary Kardam  from Flavour's from my kitchen- Chana Dal Halwa/Barfi

click here
South team's host Sawsthi   from Indian healthy recipes - Vegetable Hyderbadi Biryani                                                                                          click here

As i was an home science with computer science student  in my 11th and 12th we were given the recipe to make staters, soup, or any course and told to make by are own and mam some time used to give as demo on how make certain recipes. .. I thoroughly enjoyed being a home science student and loved to try and cook ... At that point in time i was concentrating in bcoz it was a subject in school and i had score gud marks and so i had cook good food. In our 12th Board practical each student where given a full course menu  (5 dish) starting from stater / appetizer to dessert and this was our board practical :) After seeing swasthi 's hyderbadi biryani post this was the moment popped in my mind. My menu for my board exam was mullagattani soup, samosa," veg biryani",some salad, coconut burfi :) our examiner was the great the chef DR . Damadoran. we where given 2 hrs to prepare and 1 hour to write our recipe.All students where very tensed and as i was...Even though he was not present throughout the practicals our heart beat was increasing bcoz our senior already did their job told us that he finds whether the dish is cooked or not just by smelling the dish without tasting... Our given 2 hrs was over and we plated our dishes and arranged them in a salver .. now after waiting for some time he arrived to the kitchen in my school and started tasting our dishes.. I was  sooo nervous my hands where numb ....As my senior's told he smelled all my dish and tasted veg biryani first and followed by other dishes.. I was eagerly waiting what is he going to tell? did he like it or not ? Is he going cut my marks if he didn't like? theses questions where keep on running in my mind... After some time he drank some water said your vegetable biryani is first class :) wowww i was soooo happy to hear that .. At that time thought  i will be scoring good then but now i understand the value of his appreciation :) thank you so to DR. Damodaran sir .. He is such a kind hearted, caring person  i have met. After our practicals got over we went to visit his college MGR catering college i don't remember the location .. he gave us a trip to the whole college shared with us how they make an amuture chef's to great chefs :) we also saw a shoot of his show in jaya tv .. The set was inside the college near bar. As we where from jain school and jain's told us that his college is going have a separate kitchen for jain's students where they will not use onion's and garlic :) it was so chweeet of him .. I am feeling so good sharing these memories with you all :)

So it all started with a biryani and am with a biryani post today :) thank a lot to swasthi who made me to go back to my olden but golden memories :) I love to make vegetable biriyani all say take i make good biryani but i haven't  tried any dum biryani except for " kabuli  biryani " which mom used make. When i went thru sawsthi's wonderful post i was stunned to see those wonderful step wise clicks and wanted try them soon .. Sawsthi had given a very clear explanation with lovely clicks ..

Hyderabadi dum biryani is a flavorsome rice in which the spices added make it more tasty . Caramelized fried onion gives them a little sweet taste and awesome flavor too the dish .The authentic Hyderabadi Biryani is the king of all Indian Biryani recipes that you will ever carve for. Named after one of the famous Indian cities, a truly delicious Hyderabadi Biryani will draw you in with its aroma and engulf your taste buds. If you like traditional Indian rice preparations and particularly biryani dishes, then you are going to love the Hyderabadi Biryani. Thank you sawsthi to share this yummy biryani recipe my hubby and I loved it a lot :)

Lets move on to the recipe of this famous hyderbadi dum birayani recipe :)



For Rice

1 1/2 cups long grained rice /basmati
a few saffron strands soaked in 2 tbsp warm milk
1/4 cup milk
2 tbsp cashewnuts
2 tbsp raisins 
1/2 cup ghee
4 cloves 
2 black cardamom 
2 bayleaf 

For fried onions

oil for deep frying

1 1/2 cups sliced onions
3 tbsp Corn flour / Rice flour

For vegetable curry:

3/4 cup capsicum (cut length wise)
1 tbsp ginger-garlic  paste
1 tsp chopped green chilli 
1/4 cup mint chopped
1/4 cup coriander leaves (chopped)
3 tbsp biryani masala (colves, cardomon, cinnamon, anise,bay leaves, poppy seed-, pepper corns roast and grind all the ingredient or use store bought) - Optional 
1 tsp Red chilli pd (adjust to your taste to how hot you want )
1/2 tsp Turmeric pd
1 tsp dhania/coriander  pd
1/4 tsp garam masala
1/2 tsp cumin pd
3/4 cup chopped potatoes
1/4 cup sliced capsicum
3/4 cup chopped carrot
5 to 6 chopped french beans
1/4 cup cauliflower florets (optional- i didn't add as my H doesn't like cauliflower)
1/4 cup curds (dahi)
1 tbsp chopped coriander (for garnish at the end)
salt to taste
aluminum foil to seal


  • Soak the rice for 30 mins .Wash and cook the rice in slow cooker or boiling water with cloves , cardamon , bay leaf and the then drizzle some oil.Cook the rice in away such that each grain of the rice is separate. I cooked my rice in slow cooker to attain the perfect grainy rice .You can also cook the rice in a boiling water and strain them when are 70 % done . 
  • Divide the rice into two equal portions and keep aside.
For Fried onions

  • Heat the oil in a pan and coat the onion slices with rice flour /corn flour nicely and deep fry the onion slices till they turn crisp and golden brown in colour.
  • Drain on an absorbent paper and keep aside.
In the same, deep fry the cashew nuts  almonds and raisins till golden brown. Drain on an absorbent paper and keep aside.

For vegetable Curry :
  • Heat half the ghee in a deep pan, add the cloves, cardamom and bayleaf and saute on a high flame for a second.
  • Add the onions and ginger-garlic paste, chopped green chilli and saute also add capsicum and saute them, then add peas  and cook them for few minutes.

  • Add the  Red chilli pd, turmeric pd, dhania pd, garam masala, cumin pd and salt, all the blanched vegetables  ( i did blanch vegetable)  .

  • Cook on medium flame till all the vegetables are cooked and they are nicely coated with the masala.
  • Remove from the flame, cool it on room temperaure add the beaten curds and mix well . Add chopped coriander and mint leafs.
  • Divide the gravy into two equal portion and keep aside.
  • In the deep vessel,spread the one portion gravy and top with rice and then with fried onion, cashews and raisins . Soak saffron strands in warm milk/ water  and  keep it aside.

  • Repeat the same process and rice should be on top.Add the soaked saffron milk on top 
  • Cover the vessel with the aluminium foil , keep an cover on top and seal it and allow to dum for half an hour.

Dum on stove top

For giving dum on stove top in a pan fill it 3/4th with water and keep the covered rice pot on it and cook for 30 mins.


Dum in oven

 Preheat the oven at 375 F and meanwhile garnish the layers of rice and curry with cilantro , mint and cashews if you want. Also add the saffron milk . Cover with an aluminium foil and on top of it place a plate or any cover which is heavy and bake for  30 minutes. Some of the rice gets crispy and brown they add extra taste to the biryani.


  • Serve hot with raita or hyderabadi famous side dish mirchi ka salan .
Garnish them with 1 tbsp chopped coriander leaves and serve Hot :)

Variation :

There are  many variation in the biryani's  have already posted a one variation which was adapted from Raks Kitchen  - Small potato biryani ..

Also you can make a "Kabuli Biryani " which is layered biryani in which there is vegetable curry layer, rice, Kabuli channa masala, Croutons, veggie's , chutney. I'll will post this variation in a separate post but take a look at the  pic when i first made this. This is my mom spl biryani i just love it .

  Thank you SNC group and swasthi for the lovely challenge i and my H enjoyed it very much !!! Waiting for next months challenge :)


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