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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Bread Medu Vada/ Instant Medu Vada (Come on - Lets Cook Buddies) Entry - 3

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Here comes another fantastic and innovative recipe shared by +Aishwarya Srinivasan  ... This recipe  looks so yumm and so different. Lets see what aishwarya has to say and also the recipe of this innovative dish.


Yesterday I gave fruit salad to my hubby for evening snacks. But he said he wanted to have something hot and crunchy. I had bread in my kitchen and I tried this new recipe. It is an Easy and Simple vada made with bread. No need of soaking dals.. No need to grind.. It is an Instant Medu Vada. Lets look the ingredients of this recipe.


8 Bread Slices  
1/2 cup Rice Flour
1/2 cup Curd (Yogurt)
Baking soda -  a pinch
Salt to taste
Ginger - 1 inch (Finely chopped)
Green Chilli  - 2 (Finely Chopped)
Coriander leaves 
Onion  - 1/2 (Finely chopped)
Curry leaves - 1 String
Cashews - 5 
Cumin seeds - 1/2 tsp
Oil for deep frying

Method of Preparation

  •  Cut edges of the bread slices and cut each slice into four pieces. Place in a deep bowl.
  • Add rice flour and curd to the bowl. Mix well and mash the bread with your hand.
  •  Add Baking soda, Cumin seeds, Salt, ginger, chillies, coriander leaves, onions, cashews and curry leaves.
  •  Mix well to form a dough.
  • Dampen your palms and roll each portion in a round shape balls. Flatten it and make a hole in the center of each round portion, like medu vada.
  • Heat sufficient oil in a kadai. Deep fry each vada on low heat till it is golden brown and drain it.
  • Serve hot with chutney.


 You can also make it as Sambar vada too.


  1. Wow,Innovative recipe aishwarya...:-)

  2. Delicious and tasty... Innovative!!

  3. tasty simple and innovative...

  4. Wow...super easy crispy vada...does this use more oil?

  5. lovely idea... really crispy...

  6. Super, easy and delicious. Looks crispy and yummy. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Wow.. Such a great innovative recipe.. Lovely Aishwarya :)

  8. love this idea ....nice recipe...

  9. very well done, and nice way to use up leftover bread.

  10. quite innovative dear... love it...

  11. Super crispy vadas, feel like having some.

  12. Wow! Super crispy and innovative vada

  13. Thank u all :)
    @ Divya Shivaraman : Nope. Surely less than other vada.


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