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Friday, April 19, 2013

Chocolate pudding (Come on - Lets cook buddies) Entry 19

Hi friends !! Am here  with another interesting and quick dessert recipe for my event "Come on - Let's Cook Buddies". Today we have with us friend of lovely blogger Shama nagarajan of  Shama's easy to cook recipes. Shama has sent me an entry behalf of her friend Vasanthi srikanth. Let know more about her and move on to the delicious dessert :)

Hi vasanthi !!  Tell my reader some interesting this about you ?

Hi !! My name is  Vasanthi Srikanth...Am a happy home maker with two adorable prince and an angel . I Love to bake :) 

Nice to know that you love baking dear :)

Over to Vasanthi's Recipe


 This is a simple and easy dessert recipe if you have some leftover cakes available.



Chocolate cake - use the Leftover cake 
Full Cream- 1 cup 
Strawberry syrup - 1 tbsp (adjust as per your taste)

For Garnish

Dark chocolate


  •  Whip the cream well and keep aside .Now take a cup or glass, put a little whipped cream into it.
  • Drop little  bit of strawberry syrup.
  • Place a small piece of cake on top of the cream.
  • Again top it with whipped cream and little bit of strawberry syrup.
  • Add little bits of cake and place a spoon full of cream and a cherry on top.
  • Grate dark chocolate and place it for decorating.
  • Then freeze it for 1 hour and serve chilled..

That was so very quick and interesting dessert isn't it :)  Don't miss any entry stay tuned for more such interesting entries for my event :)  " Come on - Lets cook Buddies"


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