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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Green Monster Smoothie (Come On - Lets cook Buddies) Entry 20

Am here with another entry for my event " Come on - Lets Cook Buddies" . So happy with response am getting for this event still new participants are joining and i am awestruck with  the entries they are sending me .. Some recipes are very unique and i haven't tried at all.. Am in the mission to try all the recipes am getting for this contest and re-post it giving credits to my participants once this event entries gets over and i announce the winner :) .. Thanks to all participants for the great support and my dear readers for the encouraging words :) :) This entry  is sent by +Aishwarya Srinivasan . Lets quickly look for the recipe of this healthy drink without further ado :). 


This is not scary green monster , its yummy green monster...It is an Easy and Healthy Smoothie, especially for kids. A wonderful way to give Spinach to kids.  If your kid is ready to learn cooking, u can start with this simple recipe. Yes, My kid helped me to make this recipe :)


Spinach (Palak) - 1 cup
Banana - 2
Honey - 2 tbsp.
Whole Milk or Heavy Cream - 2 cups

Method of Preparation

  • Take a blender, add peeled bananas, honey, washed spinach and milk.
  • Blend it well without any lumps. Pour it in a glass.
  • Green Monster Smoothie is ready :)


You can use Skim Milk, if u want as Fat Free. You can also add Ice Cream to it for extra taste.


  1. Very unique and healthy recipe Manju, will sure give this a try. Also looks like Ishu kutty is taking up amma's footstep :) cute loving it

  2. wow...what a wonderful drink dear...loved ur idea

  3. Interesting and healthy recipe, loved the combo...great recipes by Aishwarya!

  4. Nice combo of ingredients,love this monster.

  5. Love the name already,very catchy smoothie.


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