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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Makkai janjaria / Sweet corn halwa ( Guest post for Priya Ranjit )

 Here is a special post for a special friend :) She is a wonderful blogger with lots of delicious recipes and eye catchy Pics in her collections. She is a wonderful baker , her baking stuffs are so perfect and inspires me to try my hands more on baking . She is such a beautiful person both from in and out :) . Her Blog looks changes now and then . She is very creative  as you can see her blog which is perfectly designed and organised .

Did u guessssss?????

Yes it's none other +Priya R  of  Cook Like Priya  :)

Today am sharing about my cooking journey till now in her blog :) Am so happy to guest post in her space . Thank you priya for this great opportunity you have given me :) .She was so kind  to make me do this guest post for her . she is a good friend of mine which i have gained in this blogging world . Even though we haven't met in person we chat often and crack  jokes  with some of our other mutual friends .She even helps me and gives me tips to improve my blog so glad that i found such kind hearted person . Even some of my Bloggers friends are great help to solve my problem , encourage me and clear my silly doubts :). 

Priya come up with very creative header's which i like the most when i visit her blog :) Her rose cake is the one i like the most in her blog  because its so different attracted me so much, after i saw that in her blog i was keeping on searching for frozen rose petal and still am searching for it .. Her photography speaks a lot about her cooking, they a clicked so well and makes me drool :) . Sorry priya for taking so much time to send you this post .So am going to give this sweet person a sweet treat :) hope she will like it !! As she asked me for a Rajasthani recipe i planned to make a dessert for her bcoz we rajasthani's start with a sweet always. We always greet are guest's  with sweets .. so am going to share a sweet recipe with her or i should say "muuu mithaa karanewali hu " :) So do chk her blog for this delicious Rajsthani delicacy and also know about my cooking journey till now by just
Clicking here

Do check and drop your valuable comments dearies :) Happily sending this to +Priya R  and all her readers:) 

Sending to @Tangyminds.


  1. Beautiful guest post Manju dear :) thank u so much, I really enjoyed all your answers and so happy to share my space with you today. You are too kind with your words, not sure if I deserve it :) hugsss

  2. lovely guest post dear...

  3. Looks colorful and yummm. You are really good at making halwas, in my opinion...a lot more to learn from you. :)

  4. I have been trying to find ur blog for sometime now,especially after i saw ur encouraging comment in my space but the blogger profile didnt take me to ur blog it said u havent shared details and i didnt know ur blog name after few attempts i gave up..thanks to Priya for solving my mystery :)glad to find ur space..
    BTW Halwa looks grt..

  5. thank you all for thise lovely words dearies :) @vineetha lolz it!! glad that you found me atlast :)

  6. wow..such a rich and delicious dessert, nice recipe selection dear...u have done it so well. Read ur post at PM's space nice knowing u more and enjoyed reading your chit chat part..kudos to both of u...3 cheers :)

  7. Lovely guest post and I also read the intro in Priya's place :).

  8. Nice guest post ! Loved the chit chat too!

  9. Nice halwa & a great guest post..

  10. Amazing and lovely clicks :)


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