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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pink Paradise (Come on - Lets Cook Buddies) Entry 18

Today we have One more special entry for my event "Come On- Lets Cook  Buddies":). She is a good friend and encourages me  now and then for my work. So happy that she was able to send me her entry . She is my senior in school we know each other from childhood :).She is very  kind hearted and jovial person .. Thank you +Sneha Jain  for being here with us in-spite of your busy work schedule and sharing a yummy recipe :)

Welcome to my space sneha !! I know you very well so tell my readers about you ? :)

Hi!! Myself, Sneha from Chennai (India). I am working as Manager- Operations (Recruitment & Consulting). Manju is my junior & have known her since her childhood. She is very creative & used to participate in all arts/crafts competition. Cooking was, is & always be a passion for her. Well, I used to HATE COOKING ! Bleehh…. One could rarely see me step into my kitchen. But off recently, started loving it … My inspirations from Manju & Master Chef J.
I am here to share Jain Jashn-e-khana, which means all my recipes would be –**NO Onion-NO Garlic-NO ginger**….. then how the “TASTE”….???
Well, not only that, NO carrot, beetroot, ginger, potato etc (no veggies which grow under the ground) .. then whats the dish made of..? Wondering !! Keep blogging through “Desi Fiesta” & try out. Would help when the prices of Onions & Garlic rises.. LoL…
Thanks for all the encouragement lady! Wish you the best in whatever you do !!

How did you come to know about this event and tells us how you feel in taking part in this contest ?

I knew this event through FB. Encouraged it, thought to participate as a promoter of this event or the JUDGE J ..  But Manju kept encouraging me to participate as a participant J & I am here finally.

That was so sweet of you sneha :) thank you for all your appreciations :)

Over to +Sneha Jain ...


 As the name goes, yes its pinky pinky berries, loved by almost all ladies! Not only that the paradise would also have something which; again, almost all ladies love.. yes ! pink roses ! Strawberries are Nutrient-rich and packed with antioxidants. It is widely appreciated for its characteristic aroma, bright red color, juicy texture, and sweetness..
Rose petals are flavoring agents & useful to beat the heat, maintain body temperature & controlling cancer growth.

Serving Size : makes 1 glass


 5 medium sized strawberries
1 tsp dry rose petals (soaked in little water for atleast 2 hrs)
250ml Chilled milk
2 tbspn fresh cream
4 ice cubes
2 tsp sugar (or as per taste )

Method Of Preparation 

  •  Chop the strawberries roughly.
  • To get nice froth , first blend icecubes & fresh cream very nicely. It would give a creamy texture & huge froth as shown in pic. (this way you can avoid adding cream which adds fat & calories)
  •  Add on the strawberries & soaked rose petals along with the water & blend a little.
  •  Now add chilled milk & sugar & blend well.
  • Check and adjust sugar according to your preference and sweetness of the fruit.
  •  Enjoy the pink paradise & beat the heat !!!


  • You can add a small scoop of vanilla / strawberry ice-cream for extra richness and creaminess.
  • You can add whipped cream if you don worry the extra calories

Hope you all enjoyed this refreshing drink by sneha :) Stay tuned for more such interesting recipe from our non- blogger friends :) only @Desi Fiesta for my event "Come on -  Lets cook buddies"


  1. Senioroda postaa Manju,pink paradise looks sooo super delicious and refreshing.

  2. Refreshing drink.. Lovely..

  3. Good one...When the price of potato, onion & ginger will increase we will obviously try your recipes..:)

  4. very yummy drink dear... lovely...

  5. Nice write up by Sneha.. And a refreshing drink :)

  6. thnks all dearies :)

  7. Good to know u Sneha..sure your drink sounds so delicious n the name too, pink paradise :)


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