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Monday, May 13, 2013

Hara Bhara Healthy Halwa (Come On - Lets Cook Buddies ) Entry 45

Here i am with yet another recipe being shared for my event :) So happy to post all the yummy recipes which non - blogger's  have dedicated to this event and where working sharing interesting recipes here :) Lets move on to today's recipe . Today's recipe is being shared my dear +Sneha Jain. This is an delicious and yummy dessert . Thank you +Sneha Jain  for sharing this yummy delicacy . 

Over to +Sneha Jain   


 As the name goes, we gonna make Greeeeen Halwa ! Go Green ! We shall use bottle gourd & make a healthy halwa. This is a different way to use this vegetable. I am not adding Khoya, milk maid which are processed foods. Shall use the natural & always available things yet make tasty & healthy one.


 2 cups grated bottle gourd
 1 cup Warm Milk
 4 tbsp Ghee
  ½ cup sugar
  2 pinch Cardamom powder
  2 tsp Ghee roasted dry fruits (almonds & cashews)
  Green food color (optional, not used here)

Method of Preparation

  •  Peel the bottle gourd & grate it.
  •  Heat ghee in a heavy bottomed pan, add the grated bottlegourd & sauté for 20 mins. Keep stirring in-between (until the raw flavor completely cooked & its becomes much tender)
  • Now add warm milk & add food color if needed.
  • Cook for about ½ an hour, stirring in-between till all the milk is absorbed and halwa becomes dry.
  • Then add sugar & mix well. Cook for about 5 mins.
  •  Add roasted nuts & cardamom powder, mix & serve hot.


  • Always use heavy bottom pan, otherwise halwa will stick to the bottom of the pan and it will burn.
  •  Keep stirring in between while making halwa.

Sorry for the blurry pic dearies . She did her best to send me her own clicks which should be appreciated :) thank you sneha for this wonderful recipe :) Stay tuned for more such yummy recipes :)

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