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Monday, May 06, 2013

Moongadi /Protein packed Crispy Snack (Come On - Lets Cook Buddies) Entry 33

Here i am with an other interesting recipe for my event " Come on - Lets Cook Buddies". Am again  here with an interesting and yummy recipe being shared by my dear senior and a lovely friend +Sneha Jain. Today she is sharing with as an very healthy and yummy recipe which is my favorite Rajasthani tea time snack recipe :)  Thank you sneha for this delicious  recipe :)  Lets move on to this delicious recipe with out any further ado ...

Over to +Sneha Jain 


 Split skinned green gram (Mogar dal) are  very rich in proteins. Must intake for vegetarians. But how to consume it apart from in a form of vegetable or dal…? Why not some crispy snack item out of it….? We shall make a protein packed tea time snack . Simple & anyone would nod a YES to try & taste it…


1 cup Mogar/Moong dal/ split yellow dal (soaked for at least 3 hrs)
1 ½  cups Wheat flour
2 tsp chilly powder (can add more, according to preference   of spice)
¼ tsp turmeric powder
3 tbsp oil (to be added while kneading the dough)
2 pinch asafoetida
Salt to taste
Oil for frying

Method of preparation

  •   Drain the water from soaked mogar /yellow moong dal. Take the dal in a wide mouth vessel, add wheat flour, chilly powder, turmeric powder, asafoetida,oil & salt. Mix well. (taste & check spice & salt & adjust accordingly)
  •  Add water & make dough like that of chapathi. Rest it for about an hour.(can also avoid this)
  • Make small balls & roll all to thin chapathis as shown & keep aside.
  •   Heat a pan, add little oil & fry it one side, keep pressing it on the pan, not allowing it to puff as below:
  •    Press only on sides. Preferably can keep half the body of chapathi out of the pan & keep turning round with help of wooden press so that its evenly pressurized & cooked evenly crisp through out. (this avoids burning in middle of chappathi) (pic)
  •   Keep on a little lower flame than medium.(NOTE: maintain this through out)Now flip, add oil & fry again till golden brown by pressing.
  • The crispy snack is ready to along with our hot tea/café .


  •  Can add mint leaves powder for a different taste.

Wow that was so very detailed and yummy recipe sneha :) Thank you for sharing with us :)

Now sneha has an health tip to share with us today .. We will end this post with this very useful health tip :)

Health Tip 

Do not waste the drained water, it is edible. Very high source of protein & acts like coconut water . Keeps the body cool.

Stay tuned  for more yummy recipes shared by our non-blogger friends :)


  1. New recipe to me looks so crisp and healthy...

  2. very new & interesting recipe, nice to know more new & healthy recipes thru this event Manju. U have done a great job!!


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