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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sharjah Shake (Come on - Let cook buddies) Entry 49

Hi friends and participants of event Come on - Lets Cook buddies :) Sorry for delaying as you all know i had so many probs going on with my lappy and lost most my pics so am redoing all the recipes and will finish posting the event entries first and then will post the round up :). I really appreciate all your patience and support you been giving :). Lets move on to today's entry ... Its Bini basheer again with us to share an delicious drink recipe with us ... With out further ado Over ti Bini :)


   Here comes my dish....ITZ SHARJAH SHAKE...Itz  really a  tasty shake...A really tasty drink to beat this unbearable summer season..The recipe is very simple.....Itz a very energetic drink....U guys just try it out when u get time...or after reaching from job...Itz an easy way to chill ur stomach..So here comes the recipe for my favorite energetic drink....


   Frozen milk - 1/2  litre (better if you buy 1/2 litre cover milk and freeze it...It will be easy for to       smash into small chunks it before you grind it in a blender)
  Banana (small) - 2
  Nutella  -  2 tablespoon
  Cashew nuts  - 10
  Peanut - 10
  Sugar - 4 tbsp (If needed, add more)
  Dates - 1 (chopped after removing seed)
 Cadbuary dairy milk - A small piece (Optional, I added..I am really crazy about chocolates)
  Cardamom powder - a small pinch
  Boost/Horlicks - A pinch (optional as Nutella is the best choice)
  Peanut candy/chikki - a small piece (chopped) - optional. I added

Garnish is completely your choice..I garnished this chill chill drink with
 Cherry - 1
 Cashew nut (crushed) - 3 ( You can crush and mix it with the drink...It will add more taste when we have the drink)
 Ice cubes (crushed) - 1

  • Smash and Crush the frozen milk into chunks with a chapatti roller (starting from the sides of the cover containing milk)
  • Grind the crushed frozen milk with all the ingredients numbered 2 to 11 in a blender for 1 to 2 minutes..Don't over grind it...It will loose it's thick paste texture
  • Garnish it with cherry, crushed ice cube and chopped cashew nuts..

          Yummy healthy SHARJAH SHAKE is ready...The very important point when one makes this delicious drink is to avoid water totally while grinding....Consume as soon as u make it...As time passes, it will loose it's chillness...An easy recipe to entertain your guests...So You guys try it out.


  1. rich, creamy & delicious to me..will try it for sure...thanks for sharing Manju!

  2. rich and cool drink....

  3. wow that is one rich shake!

  4. An all time favorite :)

  5. Yes Chitz...My favourite too


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