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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Strawberry Lemonade - Virtual b'day party for vardhini

Today is special day as one of our famous and wonderful blogger is celebrating her b'day . Yes its vardhini author of cooks joy celebrating her b'day today. So we friends planned to give a virtual party for her :) . Vardhini is an great person a multitasker you may say Bcoz she is a working women and having two kids around all the time even though she is an awesome cook and a blogger  . We  came to know each other some months ago and am so glad i found her via this mass blogosphere . She is wonderful person who have been so encouraging and helping me any time . Am so happy today to share the recipe of this sweet buddy and celebrating her b'day virtually :).We a bunch of friends do this virtual party to make our close buddies happy :).. this ain't a group so we have fun by doing this in our own way for our friends who we chat with all day.

"Happy b'day +Vardhini Koushik  !! Have a fun filled year ahead "

So today's recipe is from Vardhini's space .She is having a lovely collection of recipes and we friends planned to go"vegan" On her b'day so we prepared some vegan recipe from her space .  Hope all will love this recipes :)  I prepared 3 recipes from her space which i n my family loved it. Thanks to vardhini for sharing such delicious recipes :)

Here is a card for you +Vardhini Koushik   :) Wish you have wonderful year ahead filled with joy and happiness :)

I made Tomato potato channa puloa , spinach rice dumplings and strawberry lemonade .. A vegan treat for you vardhini hope you like it :)

Today am sharing the first recipe i made for her which is an amazingly delicious drink, my hubby just loved it and as the color was red my daughter drank whole the glass leaving for me only to taste :) Yeah its strawberry lemonade from vardhini's blog click here


1 cup chopped strawberries
1/2 cup lemon juice
1/2 cup sugar (adjust to taste)
2 cups water


  • Take strawberries and a tablespoon of lemon juice in a blender , puree well.
  •  Strain the puree add water, sugar and mi them well.
  • Refreshing and cool strawberry flavored lemonade is ready to sip on a sunny day. 

This refreshing drink was a great hit in my house and my h keeps on asking me too make them  every day :) Thanks a lot for this delicious and refreshing recipe vardhini :)

Sending to Guru's cooking


  1. one of my fav summer drink, lovely clicks n presentation Manju...Hope Vardhini enjoyed our virtual treat :)luv ur card, looks lovely!

  2. Colorful and refreshing drink.. Perfect to beat the heat.. Am sure Vardhini will love this virtual treat.. :)
    Beautiful card da.. :)

  3. Such a beautiful and catchy drink..Colour itself is just pulling me to grab a glass and have it rite now.

  4. Very refreshing and lovely strawberry lemonade, beautiful clicks Manjula... Surely Vardhini will love this virtual feast....
    Happy Birthday Vardhini...

  5. love the colours of Strawberry lemonade...Happy Birthday to Vardhini...

  6. Thank you dear. 3 recipes - I am blown away :). Glad that your family liked the lemonade, it is a nice variation to the usual one.

  7. happy birthday vardhini....lovely lemonade manju

  8. Wow grt idea manju sure your friend will love it. lovely strawberry lemonade...

  9. kalakra dear and the card looks beautiful and super lemonade.never tried with strawberry.

  10. lovely clicks.. a good vegan virtual treat indeed.. :) Happy b'day to vardhini! :)

  11. Cool and refreshing drink....

  12. Beautiful drink, clicks, wording and collage :) all in all superb dear

  13. refreshing cooler..loved it..lovely clicks

  14. Lovely clicks.. That sure is a very refreshing drink :)

  15. Loved that collage pic kd dear.. Looks wonderful and such sweet words for Vardhini, am sure she must have been touched :) Strawberry lemonade looks fantastic :)

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