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Thursday, July 04, 2013

Watermelon Papaya Juice

It was a hot day and i didn't have any milk left in my refrigerator in morning so made this delicious juice for my h's breakfast. Its so delicious and nutritious and my h liked it a lot. This combo was an accident you may say :P I had only two fruits left in my fridge so combined both to make a delicious juice and a filling one :) lets move on to the delicious recipe of this quick and easy juice and this i made for Vegan Thursday  this  week :)


1/2  ripe papaya

5 large cubes watermelon
juice of 1 small lime
1/4 cup water


Add the fruit and lime juice to a blender and blend well, then add water bit by bit to thin to your desired consistency and enjoy! Thats it you easy pessy delicious juice and breakfast juice is ready to go in to your tummy :)


  1. refreshing and healthy too and a low calorie drink.

  2. Lovely drink manjula.. :)

  3. Looks appealing color n refreshing dear...

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  5. Thxs for ur lovely comments,glad to follow u..b/w abt this post very refreshing n healthy cooler!!

  6. Omg, such a unique and very interesting combo Manju..

  7. Oh!! This is really unique and interesting. I have never drink Watermelon papaya Juice before but I would definitely prepare it at my home someday. Thanks for providing Ingredients.

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  8. That is a lovely combination Manju! Loved the clicks as well :)

  9. loved the combination drink

  10. Nice clicks Manju.. Yummy & healthy drink !

  11. It is so beautiful..Must be delicious...

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