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Thursday, August 01, 2013

Bake Fest - Event Announcement

Hi friends ,

Am here  with my first event which am hosting for my dear blogger friends :). Thanks to +Vardhini Koushik  author of Cooks Joy for giving this wonderful opportunity to host one of her famous event Bake fest ..  I have been baking a lot these days and getting addictive to bake every day and am so excited to host this event :). My first baking experience was in my school where i did home science and baked a marble cake recipe was given to us and the cake came out so well and there started by baking journey and i love baking a lot :). It feels so gud when any baking experiment we do and turns out delish.. so am sure am going to see some interesting bakes :).   

Do link your entries would love to see your baking stuff's dearies :) 

Here comes the Rules  to take part in this event 

The event runs from Aug 1st – Aug 31st 2012 and the rules for the “Bake Fest” are:

  •  Send in any recipe which has been baked / broiled.
  • Only vegetarian or vegan recipes please.Only eggless Recipes plz.
  • Usage of the logo is appreciated as it helps spread the word.
  • Link to Vardhini's Bake Fest announcement and mine is mandatory. 
  • If sending an old entry, it needs to be re-published with the links.
  • You can send in any number of new entries and a maximum of 2 old entries or archived post.
  • There will be three winner i will announce once the event gets over and awards will be given to the winner - Top contributor award, Innovation queen award and also Scrumptious Baker award to the winners which you can proudly share in your blog. Aren't you excited then common and link on your bakes here :)

Looking forward to all the lovely entries from all my blogger friends...

Enjoy baking !


  1. awesome bt the prb is i have archived baked goodies now what to do

    can i post the last baked dish to link here
    and all the best dear

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Yeah meenu anuty u can link 2 archived or old post :)

  2. Happy Hosting Manju! Sure will participate :)

  3. Hi Manjula

    Just linked 2 archived recipes - Choconana Crinkle Cookies and Nankhatai and a fresh one - Pea-nut-ella Rolls.

    Happy Hosting!!

    Do check out the giveaway I am having at CutchiKitchen

  4. Thanks for this sweet event and the chance to participate.I am a new blogger .So,I just wanted to make sure I followed all rules properly.Let me know otherwise.



  5. Linked in Flapjacks as well. :)


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