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Friday, August 09, 2013

Rainbow Panna Cotta - Virtual B' day Party for Priya aks

Today am so happy to post this for a special person who is a great blogger and very kind friend :). she has been showering her  Love on all of our friends for quite some time and our bonding is becoming stronger and stronger each day . You all know her , yes its +Priya Suresh  aks birthday today and i am so blessed , found this lovely person and awesome cook in my life . As you all be knowing her famous blog Priya's verstile recipe where she is having collection of experiments , innovative, and delicious recipes with wonderful clicks :). Here combo's are really amazing and her blog says what kind of person she is so energetic and her enthu has always made be stunned :). I have already mentioned this am mentioning this again. 

One day when i was randomly browsing for recipes in youtube and goggle  The first blog i came across was "Priya's verstile recipes" only then i know there is something called food blogging :)and when i went threw all the recipes she shared i was really stunned by her innovations she makes :) I got inspired by her blog and after some time created a blog .. Thanks priya aks for inspiring me a lot :). Today she has become a lovely friend whom i will cherish life long.  Ok now coming to priya aks birthday which is today on ramzan :)    

Wish You many More Happy birthday's To come with Lots of surprises and Lots of Fun !!

Thanks to all my readers for coming and joining in my  virtual treat for my dear friend and  a wonderful person whom i have gained in this huge blogging world :). So we all friends decided and thought of making some colorful treat  for priya aks from our kitchen and also tried a recipe from her blog as you all be knowing she is a "Baking queen" I made This Ragi chocolate cupcake from her Ragi chocolate Muffins . They tasted really yummy and moist . Lolz you might laugh at this we enjoy every one's birthday as in their name we have lots of fun-  cooking, tasting  and licking the vessels clean poor b'day girl  ( +Priya Suresh ) :P he he he... Coming to Ragi chocolate Cupcakes they tasted yummyy aks we all enjoyed a lot i post the recipe soon which adapted from priya aks "Ragi chocolate muffins" . I made this for priya aks as she is crazy about chocolate :)  here is a chocolaty treat for you aks :)

And i also have another suprise for you :) When al my friends told about this theme of making an colorful dessert for priya aks i made my mind to go with "Rainbow color" which is my all time fav and i love to make rainbow foods so thought priya aks will also like this rainbow treat . I made this Rainbow panna cotta an delicious and light treat adapted from yoyo max .

Each color of rainbow has a meaning in them and each and every meaning suits priya aks so i went for this delicious colorful dessert  :)
Vilolet - Spirtuallty
Indigo - Infinity
Blue - Divinity
Green- Nature
Yellow - Wisdom
Orange - Creativity
Red- Vibrancy

She is having all these quality in her and a colorful person she is :) so thought of making an colorful dessert with rainbow colors :)
So here comes your surprise treat priya aks :)

Lets see how to make this delicious and light  rainbow panna cotta..

Panna cotta is a silky smooth Italian dessert made with cream, sugar, and gelatin But i made use of agar agar (vegetarian gelatin).  This rainbow version is a colorful interpretation of this sweet treat. 


Milk- 2 cups
Geltain - 1 pouch or  agar- agar - 2 tsp
Condensed milk- 1 cup
Sugar- 1 tbsp
vanilla extract - 1/2 tsp
Cherries and sprinklers  for garnish

  • Heat one cup of milk in a pan add gelatin/ agar- agar and bring to a boil.
  • Now add 1 tbsp sugar and stir well. After the boil remove from flame.
  • Now add another cup of milk, vanilla extract and condensed milk and stir them well
  • Now divide this mixture to 6 equal parts in 6 bowls and dye them with 6 colors.
  • Now in a transparent glass first pour red color and then set them for 10 - 15 minutes. 
  • Now proceed the same way with all the colored mixture( Green,yellow, blue , violet respectively). 
  • After pouring each layer let them set in fridge for 10 - 15 mins to avoid the colors from mixing .
  • After completing this process with all the colors set the panna cotta for about 1 hour and then serve them chilled
  • I garnished mine with  cherries and you can also garnish them some whipped cream to get the cloud effect.
  • Voila!!! now your light and fluffy dessert is ready to dig in :)


  • You can make then in separate molds but it might difficult to un mould as these and very light and fully you might have to handle then gently..
  • If  you want the tilted panna cotta pattern just take a small bowl and fill the milk mixture and keep the glass in tilted position take small bowl smaller than the glass size but the glass should stand on it .

Hope you liked this dessert aks :) I was so happy while making this and had a satisfied feeling that am trying something to make my friends and birthday baby happy :) .Thanks for being with me all the time aks   you are my guru, friend , well wisher and also Inspiration when it come to blogging :)..

Once again wishing you a very happy birthday aks :) here is the collage of colorful desserts we all friends united made for you :) Collage credits to +Sangeetha M  :) Who made is wonderful collage behalf of all of such :) 

Isn't that purely a colorful treat  :)

So the surprise never ends priya aks :) we have this wonderful award designed by +Divya Pramil  and The title i should say is an apt for you :) we are happy to give you this award as you the vivacious Blogging champion always :) The title appreciation goes to +Divya Prakash for suggesting this apt title for the award . And above all the idea of giving an award from our dear sweet +Priya R  :) :) She always first to complete any challenge may it be SNC, IFC, Or any challenge she doesn't miss any challenge and her energy level keeps on increasing each day :) So this award goes to the Blogging queen - +Priya Suresh  aks :) 

Once again Happy Birthday to our lovable priya aks :) Am missing you happy face now :P Hope you enjoyed this treat aks :)


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  4. Manju dear, first of all i have to say a big thanks to you, u r wonderful jovial blogger i have never crossed in my life and such a down to earth person you are. Never thought we will became this much closer together and also never knew that i inspired u for blogging until u revealed me. Watelse a food blogger like me need. Coming to ur shocking surprise rainbow treat, how wonderfully you done it, prefect layers, droolworthy dessert, thanks for matching me to that rainbow colours and a big thanks again for try those muffins, wat a fantastic virtual treat u guys have given to me, am soooooo lucky to get u all..

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