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Saturday, August 03, 2013

Thengai bun / Dilkush/ Stuffed Coconut Buns -Virtual b'day party for sangeetha

Today is an special day as we are going to celebrate our friends b'day and give a her a virtual treat from her blog :) So today Our b'day baby is +Sangeetha Priya  author of "Nitha's Kitchen" :) Happy birthday sangeetha :) ..Wish you all happiness and fun filled b'day ahead :) So here is your virtual treat.

I used to love bakery breads as they were made fresh and where so soft and moist.  When ever  we got a chance to snack we used to get the bun butter jam from bakery and munch some to fill our tummy :). Today am here is with one such popular bakery  bread which very famous in southern part of india . Yes its Thengai bun/ Dilkush :) I have tasted this once and love the the filling they stuffed  a lot . So on the ocassion of our friend +Sangeetha Priya 's b'day i was browsing thru her recipes and planned to make this  famous bakery style Thengai buns. She made these thengai buns so well and they tempted me try once :) So here i am with a delicious treat and very gud friend :)

Lets Move on to the recipe ..

 I followed Sangeetha's recipe click here but made these buns in a sandwich form instead of sticking the corners.


All Purpose Flour/ Maida- 2 cups

Shredded coconut - 3/4 cup
Rapid rise yeast - 1 tsp
Milk- 1/2 cup
Water- 2 tbsp
tutti  frutti - 2 tbsp
cashews/ raisins - 1/4 cup
Ghee - 3/4 tbsp
Pinch of salt


  • Warm Milk + water add yeast , 1 tsp sugar, salt stir well and leave it for 10 mins After 10 mins you can see the froth on top .
  • Mix the flour and half sugar, pour the yeast mixture little by little, knead soft dough , cover it with a cling  wrap and rest it for an hour for first proving.

  • Mean while heat ghee add cashews / raisins when turns golden brown add coconut stir less than a minute then remove from flame.Cool the mixture for 5 mins . 
  • When the coconut mixture is little warm add the remaining sugar and tutti frutti.
  • After an hour you can see the dough would have doubled in size , punch the dough divide it in to two parts.
  • Dust flour , take half part of the dough and roll to a thick base using a rolling pin.
  • Grease a cake pan, place one rolled layer of the dough, then spread the coconut mixture all over the layer 
  • Allow to raise in room temperature for another 30 mins (for second proving)
  • Prick the sides with fork.
  • Prepare a milk wash with suagr and milk and apply on top and bake in oven to 400 F (10 mins) or till sides separate and turns light brown
  • Also dust sugar/ apply butter on top after taking out from oven( just to get shiny brown color)
  • Once you take out of the oven remove the bun from cake pan and rest it in a cooling rack so that they cool completely before storing.


  • You can also substitute a tbsp of dark brown sugar instead of white sugar while kneading the dough. .
  • I made this buns in to sandwich buns and didn't stick the side of the dough bcoz i had extra filling and the cake pan i used was small  . If you want you can stick the sides for which you have to leave the side of the dough and fill the coconut mixture right in to the middle of the dough.

Thanks for sharing delicious and nostalgic recipe +Sangeetha Priya  :) we loved it a lot :) N hope you liked  this virtual treat :) Happy birthday once again !! :) 


  1. Love these buns, looks delicious and so yummy.

  2. absolute treat for her,well made,looks delicious

  3. Wonderfully made Manju. Yummy!

  4. Looks fantastic and i love this.Happy bday to Sangeetha

  5. love the new look of your space and buns are too good.

  6. Lovely buns... so soft!

  7. My favourite bun.. Come out very well.. Happy birthday to Sangeetha..

  8. Perfectly made..looks fabulous and yummy..

  9. Looking great. bookmarked to try

  10. Thengai bun are my weakness, u r killing me Manjula, wish i get a huge slice from it.

  11. thks for ur treat n wishes,u made it perfect dear, i feel proud :-)

  12. Wow..i love this thengai buns from Iyengar Bakery, your buns looks so tempting...i need a slice rt now...any left overs? :)

  13. I love these buns from our South Indian bakeries.. Looks perfect dear.. Loved it !

  14. Bookmarked.. will surely try this recipe.. looks so yummy.. thanks for linking with us..

  15. Hi, is that desiccated coconut or fresh coconut.

    1. Hi bhuvana,
      Yes I use desiccated coconut but you can very well use fresh grated coconut too.


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