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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Kugelhopf (Savoury Bread)

 So happy to be apart of IFC ( International food challenge) an group evolved  by +Saraswathi Tharagaram (author of saras yummy bites )  and +Shobana Sekar (author of Kitchen secrets and snippets ).This Months IFC was been hosted by shobana  and we are exploring Alsace – Lorraine region cuisine which is basically inherits  partly french and partly German cuisine but they come under French cuisine .

Alsace and Lorraine are separate regions in France's north-eastern corner, and share borders with Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and Switzerland But they differ in language , tradition and atmosphere.Alsatian cuisine, somehow based on Germanic culinary traditions, is marked by the use of pork in various forms. Traditional dishes include baeckeoffe, flammekueche, choucroute, quiche lorraine and fleischnacka. Southern Alsace, also called the Sundgau, is characterized by carpe frite (that also exists in Yidish tradition).

Alsace and Lorraine cuisine

Alsace and Lorraine cuisine bread

savory bread


For dough
All purpose flour / Maida 1 1/2 cup
Instant yeast 1 tsp
Warm milk - 6 tbsp
Curd - 2 tsp (Whisk it till smooth and should be at room temp)
salted Butter 2 1/2 tbsp
Oil 1 tbsp
Sugar 1 tbsp

For Filling
Cheddar cheese - 3 tbsp
1 medium size Onion (chopped)
1 small zucchini (cut into cubes)
1 tomato ( deseeded and cut into cube)
salt to taste 
Oil as needed
Mixed Herbs or Thyme - 1 tsp


To prepare the dough

  • In bowl add 1 cup flour, salt , sugar, yeast and the softened butter and mix well
  • Mix them well till they resemble crumbly.
  • Now add warm milk , curd to the dough and Mix them well , it will form a sticky dough.
  • Now add oil and combine them well.
  • Add the remaining 1/2 cup flour and Mix well with the dough.
  • Knead the dough for 4-5 minutes with your hand.
  • Apply some oil to the dough and pan.
  • Cover and keep the dough in a warm place till it doubles in size , it takes about 1- 2 hours .

To prepare the filling

  • In a pan heat a tsp of oil and saute the onion with a pinch of salt until they are translucent.
  • Remove them from the flame and transfer them to a bowl .
  • Noe saute the tomatoes in the same pan for few secs and then transfer to the bowl
  • Now saute the zucchini with a pinch salt until they are half done .
  • Transfer all the sauteed veggies in a bowl and add pepper pd, salt if needed , cheese, herbs. 
  • Mix them well and keep it aside.

Forming a Log

  • Once the dough doubles in size , punch them and roll it into rectangle.
  • Spread the veggie evenly on top .
  • Now roll the dough from the top to form a log.
  • Place the log in a bundt pan or a round cake tin.
  • keep it in warm place for second proving or rising for 30 minutes.

Baking Kugelhopf

  • Pre heat the oven at 200 C for 5 min 
  • Bake the second proved dough for 30 mins.
  • These savory breads tastes good as is .
savoury bread

french bread


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