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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Madras Masala Paal

Yesterday it was so raining and was so pleasant, I thought something warm to drink would make it more pleasant so made this Madras spl Masala paal . I have tasted this Milk in saravana bhavan , chennai a decade ago. This is a  very healthy and flavorful drink which is most popular in Tamil nadu . So for todays Tamizhar samayal I wanted to make this yummy and delicious drink perfect for rainy days and winter . 

Masala paal  is a south indian rich and healthy drink which can be had by any aged people . This healthy drink is always served Hot in winters so that the heat of the spices in this milk keeps us warm. I love this delicious drink warm in rainy days !! Lets move on to the authentic drink from Madras aka Chennai :).. 

Indian Drink

Masala paal


masala drink


Badam - 8-9 No's
Cashews- 4-5 No's
Pistachios - 2-3 No's
Milk - 2 cups
Pepper pd - a pinch
Cloves - 3 No's
Cinnamon stick - 1"
Cardamom - 3 No's
Sugar - 1/4 cup ( adjust to your taste)
Saffron - few strands
Turmeric - a pinch (optional)

  • Blanch the almonds and remove the skin.
  • In a blender grind badam, cashew and pistachio with little water into smooth paste and keep it aside.
  • In a saucepan heat the milk , Once it starts boiling add cinnamon , cloves, cardamom , saffron and lower the flame to simmer.
  • Now boil the milk in simmer with all these spices till it reduces a bit and becomes a little thick.
  • Constantly stir the milk as it might burn in the bottom .
  • After it thickens add the ground nuts paste to the milk and stir them .
  • Boil it for a while ,till the nuts paste is well combined to the milk. 
  • Switch off the flame and let them cool a bit.
  • Strain in a glass and serve the warm.
spiced milk

spiced milk drink

  • If you want you can add  some chopped nuts to the drink even.
  • Adjust the sugar level to your taste.

Indian drinks

Linking this to Tamizhar samayal Tuesday whose brain child is +nalini suresh . 


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