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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Zafrani Sevaiya Malai Kulfi

So here comes the final recipe for  A-Z theme in Blogging marathon. Seriously am going to miss this theme It was so much fun cooking A-Z recipe and I also enjoyed the recipes shared by our BM members . I have learned so many new recipes with in these few days and virtually enjoyed this A-Z feast a lot . The BM group members have been so much encouraging throughout the series and have been leaving such motivating comments . Thank you so much dearies.

Now coming to today's final letter from me is a delicious and creamy , chilled delight. This an yummy kulfi which I tried and they came out really yummy . When i was small i used to carve for road side kulfi's a lot especially that semiya ice which had semiya peeping out of the kulfi or Kutchi ice :) So remembering that Nostalgic memories I wanted to end My A-Z series with this creamy seviyan kulfi with zafaran or saffron flavor .   This is a creamy malai kulfi an Indian ice cream  to which I added vermicelli  and they tasted yummy !! Lets quickly move on to the recipe.

kutchi ice

saffron semiya kulfi

semiya kulfi

creamy kulfi


Whole Milk - 3 cups
Custard pd - 1 tbsp ( I used vanilla flavor)
Condensed Milk - 1 tin   or less depending upon your taste.
Colored /plainVermicelli - 4 tbsp
Pistachios - 3 tbsp ( chopped)
Saffron strands few.


  • Boil the milk in a pan at low flame Till it thicken's a bit .
  •  Then add the vermicelli and cooked them till done.
  • In another bowl add custard powder 3 tbsp water / milk and mix them slowly without forming any lumps and keep it aside.
  • While the vermicelli is done add the condensed milk and boil for some more time stirring them continuously.
  • Now add the custard pd liquid to the milk and stir them . After a while the milk will thicken and coat the spoon .
  • Add pistachios and Switch off the flame , let the milk cool for a while.
  • After they  cool down a bit transfer the milk in to the popsicle or kulfi moulds.
  • Refrigerate till the kulfi is set about 4-5 hours.
  • After they are set  take of the moulds and keep them on warm water for 5 mins (No water shd go in to the moulds). 
  • Then carefully unmold the kulfi's by pulling them out.
  • Serve them immediately.
saffron kulfi

vermicilli kutchi ice

malai kulfi

Tips :

  • Keep on stirring the milk else it may burn in the bottom .
  • Cool down the milk mixture before transferring to molds.
  • Carefully un mould the kulfi's else with help of a knife remove edges of the kulfi and un mold it. Kulfi can also be cut in to rounds and serve .
  • If you want you add rose water for extra flavor but i didn't as this zafarni kulfi i wanted it to be saffron flavored. 
  • Keep the  molds in freezer till the kulfi's are well set.

Completing My A-Z themed dishes successfully :)  Thanks to all my readers and bloggers for been so supportive :)

Logo courtesy : Preeti

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