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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Just Eat India - Order Food for Home Delivery in India

Times have changed… and definitely, for the better! In today’s day and age where working long hours from morning to night is the norm, people hardly get any time for themselves. Weekends are looked forward to very fervently but then, all the housework needs to be done on the same day as well, cooking included. And hence, more often than not, what should actually be a holiday  ends up being akin to a long and vigorous working day, albeit from home.

‘Hard work has a future payoff – but laziness pays off now!’

 And how! I guess that’s how what we now know as ‘Home Delivery’ came into being. And it garnered for itself a huge fan following probably due to the following two factors:

• The increasingly busy and competitive life of today’s young working generation.

• The possibility of putting in the least amount of effort on one’s part – no travelling, no hassles of public transportation, no spending on fuel in one’s own private vehicle, no frequent trips to the grocery market almost every single day – and yet, getting the products of your choice delivered right at your doorstep! 

… which all boils down to the simple fact: Who has the time to shop?

And where food is concerned, home delivery becomes more convenient than ever once you have the option of ordering food online as well as paying online (no cash involved) from within the 
comfortable confines of your home.

That’s where JUST EAT India comes in. This is India’s largest online food ordering portal and table reservation website, which aims to simplify the process of food ordering to the maximum possible extent. View entire menus of all the restaurants in your area online, add items to the cart and that’s about it. In fact, when it says ‘one-click ordering’, it means it. Plus, you get an instant confirmation message on your phone as well as an e-mail confirming the same.

Wish to plan your weekend in advance? Place an advance order with JustEat, specifying the time and date when you want your food home delivered. And forget about it; rest assured, you’ll get your food right at the stipulated time. 

There can be two scenarios when buying something. One, you’re just window shopping and pick up anything that catches your eye. And two, you know exactly what you want to buy and don’t spend your time browsing around. caters to both these types of audiences. Don’t know what to order and just looking around? Just enter your area name and you’ll be engulfed with scores of restaurants from which you can take your pick. For instance, when it comes to the Restaurants in Bangalore, there is literally an endless choice; located in every nook and cranny of the city right to all possible cuisines you can think up of. And if you know exactly what you wish to order, simply select the area plus the cuisine of your choice and you’re done.

Eateries located in the national capital region fare the same way – the Restaurants in Delhi have an unending variety, right from the usually ubiquitous North Indian and Chinese cuisines to the more exotic Japanese and Mexican restaurants.And last but not the least, you definitely get to spend more ‘me-time’ with your family, not having to spend hours in the kitchen altogether. Bonding with your loved ones over a delicious meal makes ordering food online and getting home delivery more than worth it!


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