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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mor Kali / Mor Kuzhu - Tamil nadu spl

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When I was thinking about what to make for Tamizhar samayal tuesday I was so eager make the koozhu which my neighbour used to share with us every year but due to no proper ingredient i was unable make it this time . So I wanted to share an easy breezy recipe for this week tamizhar samayal . As am a chennaite I have learned some recipes and known few recipes from my neighbours and friends back in chennai. One such Breakfast variety i have heard about this from a neighbor.

This is a very quick and easy to make breakfast or you can enjoy  it anytime . Mor kali is name of this traditional tamil nadu dish which is prepared with buttermilk and rice flour  and the main ingredient in this which makes it more interesting is Mor milagai  . Mor milagai or curd chilli is my all time favorite with buttermilk rice or curd rice . Mor milgai is nothing but chillies are soaked in buttermilk overnight and the those chillies are dried under the sun light til they are dried and crispy . Now these curd chillies are sauteed in oil till they under brown and then they can be had as is or as a side for buttermilk rice . Now adding this curd chilli to this Mor kalli is an yummy way to bring the authentic taste but you can add green chilli or dry red chillies. They are generally gooey and tangy / sour because of the butter milk in it to taste but very very delicious though  . Lets move to this traditional tamil nadu breakfast or tiffin variety which is  super quick to make.

Mor kuzhu


Buttermilk - 1 1/2 cup ( preferably made with sour curd)
Rice flour - 1 cup
Mustard seeds - 1tsp
Urad dal / black gram dal - 1 tbsp 
Channa dal / Bengal gram dal - 1 tsp
Mor Milagai / Dry red chilli  - 2-3 No's
Curry leaves - 1 sprig
Asafoetida - a pinch
oil - 1 tbsp
salt to taste


  • In a bowl add buttermilk, rice flour and salt. Mix them well and form a smooth batter with out any lumps 
  • Heat oil in a sauce pan , add mustard seeds after they splutter add asafoetida curry leaves,urad dal , channa dal.
  • Saute till they turn light brown then add mor milagai and saute till the turn light brown too.
  • Now add the buttermilk mixture and cook them in a low flame.
  • A one stage they come together as a mass like a soft dough .
  • Transfer this mixture to greased tray and cool then cut them into desired shape and serve warm.
  • This doesn't require any side dish but if you like you can accompany this with pickle.
Mor kuzhu


  • You can also set them in individual bowls and serve them.
  • They taste good when they are had warm .
  • If you don't find mor milagai you can use dry red chillies even 
  • If the curd you are using i s not sour add extra curd and make butter milk out of it. As this kali is required to be tangy . 

Linking this to Tamizhar samayal Tuesday whose brain child is +nalini suresh . 


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