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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Kalkandu vadai ( Chettinadu spl)

As you all might be knowing for this weeks BM i have choosen chettinadu cuisine and will be bring chettinadu recipes for three days . The first one was Kuzhi paniyaram for breakfast or snack , and today am here with a sweet appetizer this is a very very delicious and yummy sweet vada which can be served as a appetizer or as a sweet too.  This sweet vadai is a very famous chettinadu spl dish which is prepared on auspicious occasion and festivals . 

This recipe I have seen many times in TV shows and also some of our blogger friends have shared it when I was blog hopping I was thinking to make it soon and today I made these yummy vada after a long postponement  . This yummy sweet vada can be served hot or cold . Check Blogging Marathon page for the other Blogging Marathoners doing BM# 35 .. Lets move on to the recipe..


Urad dal / Black gram dal - 1 cup 
Raw rice - 2 tbsp
Sugar / Kalkandu ( sugar candy/ Misiri) powdered - 3/4 cup or 
Oil for frying 

  • Wash and soak urad dal and rice mixture for 30 mins. 
  • Drain the water completely, add sugar/ powdered Kalkandu/ sugar candy pd and blend them in a blender/ Mixture till fine Batter.
  • Add water while grinding if needed only in drops .
  • Transfer the batter in a bowl and heat the oil for frying the vada's.
  • Wet your hands with water and take a small portion of the batter slightly press and make a hole using your thumb.
  • Slide the edge of the shaped vada using your thumb till and allow it to drop in hot oil.This needs a little practice to get perfect shaped vadas.
  • These vada will puff up well fry them in very low heat as they tend to darken faster becoz of sugar in it.
  • Turn and fry them both sides till light brown in color.
  • If using kalkandu / sugar candy just grind it in mixer to fine powder and use them.
  • Instead of Raw rice you might also add channa dal or bengal gram dal.


  1. Wow its so so tempting and very delicious... crispy and superb clicks...

  2. mmm...yummy snack looks delicious too...

  3. looks so so good.. love its color.. have heard of this chettinad delight.. bt never tried.. gr8 .. :)

  4. vadai itself is tempting adding sugar is addon one too good

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  6. Have heard of this vadai, but never tasted it, looks perfect..

  7. looks so delightful,nice texture

  8. never heard of this vadai... looks like Indian version of doughnut... loved it... will try for sure in future.

  9. New to me and looks absolutely fantastic !

  10. have not heard abt this Vadas. Sweet vadas seems so tasty...

  11. Love the sweet version of ulunthu vadai.. The outer layer looks crispy and color, shape has come out very well

  12. sweet version must be delicious

  13. Traditional Yummy recipe with super clicks

  14. Addition of sugar candy to vadai is new to me. Vada look great

  15. Never made sweet vada, with kalkandu, it sounds very nice..more like a doughnut..:)

  16. Sweet vada is new to me.. Looks and sounds awesome.

  17. This is such a new recipe for me. The vadais look so crispy!

  18. mmmmmmmmm. My favourite.

  19. I tried but didn't get methu vadai shape... Pls suggest how to practice it

    1. Radha thanks for trying . the batter should be in right consistency not too thick nor thin . Wet your hands with water and then take a small amount of batter roll it with the wet hand . Put a hole with your thumb and drop it in the oil.


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