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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Tri Color Idli | Republic day spl

I remember How we enjoyed waiting for republic day to get some candies and refreshment been circulated in our schools and a Holiday to enjoy with friends . Its was so much fun to celebrate republic day and independence day with friends singing some patriotic songs and enjoying the holiday watching some patriotic movies and shows been aired in TV. I always Love to salute our flag , Today even though an aboard I want to celebrate this happy occasion of republic day without going to the history of republic day I would start talking about today's special tiffin for republic day . 

I made Tri color idli and tri color chutney to depict our Indian flag N my H was so happy to see them :) Wish you all a very happy republic day :)  Here is the tri color idli recipe I will be sharing tri color chutney in separate post :)



Idli Batter - 3 cups 
Coriander leaves - 1 bunch
Green chillis - 1 No
Carrots -2 No ( chopped)
Salt to taste 


Orange  idli

  • In a blender put carrots and a little water to make it to asmooth paste .
  • Then add salt and 1 cup of idli batter and pulse the till well combined.
  • Your orange batter is ready to steam .

Green Idli 

  • In a blender add coriander and green chillies and blend them with out adding any water.
  • Add 1 cup of idli batter , salt to taste and pulse them till paste is well combined in the batter.
  • Your green Batter is ready to steam .

To steam 

  • In a idli cooker pour take enough water  and grease the idli trays with oil .
  • Now pour the green , orange and plain white idli in each mould .
  • Cover and steam them for 10 - 15 mins till the idli's are done.
  • serve them hot with chutney and sambhar .


  1. Very nice platter infront of me. Perfect republic day post.

  2. such a beautiful looking set up... great attempt dear...

  3. Colorful and delicious platter, perfect for the occasion.

  4. Happy republic day to you too!! Great clicks!!

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  10. kalakiyachu.. tri color idli.. tri color chutney.. pramadham.. :)

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