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Friday, February 21, 2014

Leftover Roti Rabri | Roti Rabdi


As a kid I loved to have doodh roti a lot which is nothing but crumbled roti in warm milk with sugar . I use to soak it atleast for 10 mins and then use to enjoy them . Like mom like daughter my daughter too enjoys dhoodh roti a lot so I thought why not make a sweet dish out the traditional baby foods given in our home. Milk sweets are always delicious delight one relish and most popular Indian milk sweet rabri is all I carved for . Instead of the usually rabri which takes too long to prepare I found this new way to make an delicious creamy rabri. 

As we have leftover roti some times I love to make some interesting recipes with the leftover ones, and I thought instead of making an savory dish again why not I try a sweet dish with it . This is an yummy and creamy roti rabri which I loved a lot and daughter was all yum yum !! I used the leftover roti's which were made for our afternoon lunch , you can use fresh roti's even for this recipe. I tried adding chocolate flavor to the rabri and they were Yum O Yum. I will be making this yummy rabri again and  again. Now coming to the recipe

rabdi with leftover roti



Roti/ chapathi  - 3 Nos
Milk - 2 Cups 
Condensed milk - 1/2 cup ( Adjust according to your taste)
Vanilla extract- few drops

For garnish

Sliver foil / Varak - 1/2 sheet
Pistachios -  Few 

  •  Crumble the rotis roughly with you hands and keep them a side .
  • In a sauce pan heat the milk and let it boil.
  • After the milk boils simmer the flame and add the crumbled roti to it.
  • Cook them till the roti is soaked well and the mixture thickens a bit.
  • Add condensed milk and mix them well.
  • Cook them it the consistency is like rabri .
  • Turn of the flame add vanilla extract and mix them well.
  • Transfer this to a serving bowl , garnish them with varak and pistachios .
  • Serve them warm. They taste yummy when served warm, if you allow them to cool they thicken up more so enjoy them warm.
For chocolate flavored Roti rabri

Chocolate sweets

Chocolate recipes

Once the rabri is all ready , turn of the flame and just mic it nutella . Here I mixed in 1 tsp of nutella to half the rabri . your chocolate flavored roti rabri is ready to serve.

Milk sweets


  1. Even I also like doodh roti aur chini....never thought of we can make rabri out of it...looks super yummy...

  2. wow...this sounds so delicious, never thought to make such a delicious dessert using left over rotis, Brilliant idea Manju! can't wait to try it...

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    So yummm!

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