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Monday, March 17, 2014

Thandai | Holi Special |Mahashivaratri Spl

Chilled Holi drinks with Bhang

Holi is one colorful festival of India when we see real colors filling around and people being colored till they can't even recognize who they are :P I love to celebrate holi when I was a Kid, My father used to color as with some pakka colors and we had spots n our face even after 2-3 days and we used to go to school as the pediatricians going used to stare at us But those were the fun days as I grew my preferences and choice changed and  I didn't want to get stared by people while walking on the road and become a viewer of this festival. But still I like if some gulal is applied which causes less stains in our face and that too only On my chicks.  
After Marriage I came to know My H didn't love to get colored too and so we joined and started enjoying holi festival as a viewer while our family members used to play with colors. Even though we never colored we enjoyed the snacks and drinks made for the festival , Especially I enjoyed drinking Thandai. Thandai Is one delicious spiced and rich , refreshing drink which is prepared all festival in our custom .. If we organize any function at Home most often we have this as a welcome drink in our family. This is popular drink of rajasthan made with dryfruits and saffron strands spiced with pepper corns . This is most popularly prepared for Mahashivaratri in north and for Holi the youngsters Mix in some "Bhang" ( From the cannabis plant ) to make them dance and have fun. Happy Holi to all :)

Masala paal/ Spiced Milk

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Milk - 3 cups + 1/4 cup
Almonds - 15 Nos ( blanch them and remove the skin)
Cashews - 15 Nos
Poppy seeds - 2 tbsp
Melon Seeds/ Charmagaz - 3 Tbsp
Pepper Corn - 6-7 Nos
Sounf / Fennel Seeds - 2 tbsp
Saffron Strands - Few
Cardamon pd - A pinch
Rose essence - Few Drops ( Optional)
Pistachios - For garnish ( Chopped)
Sugar - 2-3 Tbsp ( Adjust to your taste)


  • In a separate bowls soak almonds, cashews,poppy seeds, melon seeds, fennel seeds for 2 hours in a little amount of water.
  • Now drain the water from all the ingredients and put them in a blender, add pepper corn, cardamon pd and 1/4 milk and grind them to a fine paste.
  • In a sauce pan heat 3 cups of Milk till  it boils , add saffron strands to it and mix well.
  • Once the milk boils turn off the flame and mix in the sugar.
  • Let the cool down completely to room temperature.
  • Add the ground mixer / paste and Mix them well.
  • Let the ground mixer stand in milk for about 1-2 hours so that all the flavors are absorbed into the milk.
  • After 1- 2 hours strain the milk with fine strainer 2 twice and remove the pd particles.
How to make thadai at Home ?
  • Chill the Milk and garnish them with some pistachios and saffron strands.

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