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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Oriya Thali |Orissa Cuisine

Orissa cuisine recipes

Its been long I posted I missed blogging a lot, was waiting for my laptop to get mended and thought of starting then .. I know its an disappointment for me that i was not able to post the mega marathon post on time bcoz of the unexpected lappy crash but I don't want my hard work to get ruined I will still post all the rest of states.. Its overwhelming when my followers take time and have concern on what had happen to me and Y I have disappeared from action , so nice of them to be so kind thanks everyone for boosting me up and making me do this again... So I stopped on letter O state which is another North east state and I have some fav dishes from this state. I still remember how we at school learned and sung an orissa song for independence day , I don't remember the song though , I love the language a lot... 

Orissa is another beautiful North east state , I like the cuisine there as it has wide variety of choices for both veggies and non veg lovers.. but only 6 % of the population are fully vegetarians here.Once again like Assamese here too panch poron is a very imporatant flavoring used in all the curry and gravy preparation..Mustard oil is very important in the cuisine but ghee is also preferred by them. Pakhala is one of the famous dish which is north but rice, water ,yogurt which is fermented overnight as in tamil nadu they cal it palayadhu this is the same and oriya phakala can have many variation in them.During festivals and fasts onion and garlic are excluded as the Brahmans population avoid them.

In an oriya thali consists of a main cource and dessert .. Traditional breads are served as main cource for breakfast and rice is had for lunch and dinner with the classic dalma and varities of oriya spl vegetables. Other than parathas and roti pithas are famous orissa breakfast.Sweets are enjoyed after every meal and there are varities of milk based sweets being enjoyed here. I made the classic recipes from this state which we enjoyed for our lunch and this was my fav state so i enjoyed all the dishes.. The potato parval chips is the replica of the fish fry they made for and have with a meal I will post the recipe soon .. here is my oriya spl thali :)

Orissa cuisine

Oriya Thali

Janta Roti 
Aloo Posto
Baingan Chatka
Potato Ivy Gourd Chips
Phala Rasgulla


Curd Phakala


Add Rice, water,curd, greenchillies and soak them overnight for fermenting.. Phakala is ready !!



Toor dal- 1/2 cup
Brinjal - 1 No
Drumstick - 1 No ( chopped)
Potato - 1 No ( chopped)
Oil - 1 tbsp
Red chillies - 2 No
Panch Poron - 1 tsp
Ginger Garlic paste - 1 tsp
Onion - 1/4 cup (chopped)
Turmeric pd - 1/4 tsp
Salt to taste
Ghee as needed

  • In a pressure cooker add oil add panch poron, ginger garlic paste and red chillies.
  • Add onion and saute them till translucent.
  • Then add brinjal, potato and drumstick.. Saute them.
  • Add the toor dal, turmeric pd, salt and water as needed.
  • Pressure cook them for 2-3 whistles.
  • Once the pressure subsides open the lid and add ghee on top as needed .
  • Serve them Hot with rice

Janta Roti

Oriya breads

Wheat Flour - 3 cups 
Water - 2 cups 
Salt to taste

  • Boil water in a vessel and add salt to it.
  • Add the wheat flour slowly  to the boiling water and mix when a wooden spoon well.
  • After it is hard to mix , transfer it to a bowl.
  • Let them cool a bit but don't cool it completely.
  • When it is still warm , knead the dough till its smooth.
  • Divide the dough into equal parts and roll them like we do for chapathi.
  • Heat a tawa and cook the rolled chapathi both the sides till they are done.
  • Press it and puff it up a bit.
  • Serve the roti hot with any curry. 

Baingan Chatka 

Orissa eggplant recipes


Brinjal - 1 Medium 
Onion - 1 no small ( Chopped)
Coriander leaves - 2 Tbsp ( chopped)
Green Chillies - 1 No ( chopped)
Oil - 1 tsbp

  • Grease and Roast Brinjal on medium flame till the skin shrinks and are roasted completely.
  • Cool them and peel of the skin. Mash the pulpy brinjal in a bowl.
  • Add onion, salt, green chillies, oil, coriander leaves.
  • Serve the Hot.

Aloo Posto

Oriya aloo posto


Potato - 1 No ( diced)
Onion - 1 no ( chopped)
Ginger garlic paste - 1 tsp
Tomato - 1 No ( chopped)
Panch phoron- 1 tsp
Turmeric pd - 1/4 tsp
Red chilli pd - 1/2 tsp
Green chillies - 2 No
Poppy seeds - 2 tsp
Oil - 2 tsp + for frying
Salt to taste

  • Fry the potatoes in little oil for 4-5 mins and keep it aside.
  • Soak poppy seed for 10 -15 mins in water.Then grind it with green chillies to a smooth paste.
  • In a pan heat oil add panch poron , after they crackle add chopped onion and saute them till translucent.
  • Add ginger garlic paste and saute.
  • Now add tomato and saute them till they are mushy.
  • Add turmeric pd , red chilli pd, salt and fried potato.Mix them well.
  • Add the poppy seed paste and saute them for a while.
  • Then add water to make gravy and let them simmer in medium flame till the gravy become semi dry.
  • Serve them hot with rice. 

Oriya sweet Rice

Basmati rice - 1 cup
Ghee - 1 1/2 tsp
Raisins- 2-3 Nos
Cashews - 2-3 Nos
Cardamon- 1-2 Nos
Cinnamon - 2-3 Nos
Bay leaf - 1 No
Sugar - 2-4 tsp
salt to taste
Turmeric - 1/4 tsp

  • Wash and soak rice  for 1 hour  then drain the water completely.
  • In a pressure cooker heat ghee  add cashews, raisins, cardamon, cinnamon, bay leaf  and saute.
  • Then add rice , sugar, turmeric pd and mix them well.
  • Add 1 1/2 cup of water or more and cook the rice for 2-3 whistles as needed to cook the rice but not make it mushy.
  • Flavorful sweet kanika is ready to serve.
Phala Rasgulla

orissa rasgulla


Whole milk - 4 cups
Lemon juice - 3-4 tbsp
Sugar -1/4 cup  ( To caramelize)
Sugar - 1 cup
Water 3  cups

  • In sauce pan bring the milk to boil , add lemon juice and let the milk curdle.
  • Turn off the flame and transfer it to a cheese cloth lined over a strainer.
  • Squeeze out the excess water from the cheese cloth and transfer the paneer to a plate.
  • Knead the paneer well till it is smooth.
  • Divide them to equal parts and roll them to smooth balls.
  • In a pan put 1/4 cup sugar and heat it low flame , do not disturb it till you see caramel color all over  mean while in another sauce heat sugar and water.
  • Let the sugar dissolve it boils , transfer the caramel immediately to the sugar syrup.
  • Be quick while making caramel prepare the sugar  water solution prior and then start making caramel if you want.
  • Mix the caramel in sugar water well in medium flame , let it dissolve and boil.
  • When the sugar syrup starts boiling slide in the rasgulla balls in them.
  • Cover and cook them for 15 - 20 Mins.
  • The rasgulla will fluff in size.
  • Once they are done cover and let them cool little bit .


Orissa traditional drink
Recipe Source - Oriya Food


1/4  cup Paneer
1/4 cup apple ( chopped)
1/4 cup Mango ( chopped)
1/4 cup Banana ( chopped)
2 tbsp Honey 
1/4 cup Yogurt 
A pinch Cardamom
6-5 Nos Cashews ( optional)
1 tbsp Coconut ( grated) ( optional)


  • In a blend yogurt, paneer, apple, banana,mango,Honey,cardamom, cashews, coconut.
  • With 1/4 cup water blend them to a smooth mixture.
  • Serve this chilled garnished with crushed cashews and coconut.

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