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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Rose Lassi | Roohafza Lassi |Flavoured Lassi with Yogurt

Summer indian drinks

Its super sunny summer days and I always want some thing cool to drink every time.  When I was a kid my mom never forgets to make shikanji every afternoon in summer and we enjoyed them with lots of ice in them. To enjoy a proper summer its indeed necessary quench our thirst and hydrate us with some cool drinks , some ice creams, or some cool fresh fruits isn't it.  I just love summer only to enjoy some chilled beverages which we miss to drink throughout cold winter days.. Roohafza has been mine childhood fav rose syrup  which we enjoyed just by mixing them in chilled water. My daughter is a great fan of red colored drinks and she just love to drink this chilled every time.. 

I remember how are the many ways we used to enjoy roohafza on golla ice ( crushed ice and topped with flavored syrup ) with jaljeera topped on it is our most fav and miss them. Thinking of making some drink I just used up the the roohafza in my laasi and it turned to be the yummiest flavored lassi. I just love this yummy yummy lassi and it was perfect for a sunny day ... I just had it with lots of ice and used chilled yogurt and it was super cool for my tummy .. lets move on to the simple recipe..
Pink lassi , rose syrup lassi

Roohafaz lassi


Yogurt - 1 cup
Ice Cubes - 6-7 nos
Sugar - 2 Tbsp
Rose syrup/ Roohafza - 2 tbsp

  • In a blender Mix all the Ingredients and pulse it for 2-3 times till they combine.
  • Don't over beat them the heat of the mixer can curdle  the lassi.
  • Serve it chilled.
Punjabi lassi

Rose lassi


  1. this is one of my fav drink....

  2. tempting lassi.. Nice color

  3. Looks very yumm da... Nice clicks...

  4. such pretty pics Manju! the color of the Lassi, too good..perfect summer drink :)

  5. Nice clicks.. and delicious lassi..

  6. Very attractive and pretty looking lassi.. Love to drink rite now.

  7. Beautiful lassi looks very inviting and delectable captures :) makes me want to try this.


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