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Monday, July 21, 2014

Sticky Basbousa Pudding | Basbousa with Peera( milk fudge ) sauce | Basbousa in Milk fudge sauce

How to make Basbousa?

As you know few days back I posted Eggless Basbousa recipe and just love it a lot but I had 5-6 pieces leftover the other day so instead of serving my H the same dessert I made sauce for it and serve this dessert giving it a twist and to my surprise Hubby liked this version with sauce more than the naked basbousa ;) .. I know all of them over here love to use up left overs in a unique way , this is such kind of dessert which you will love to have. I recreated a dessert to another delicious dessert.. I had this basbousa pudding bookmarked from xawaash and this was the perfect way I could make use of the leftovers.

Basbousa in a middle eastern dessert which is made with semolina and is soaked in sugar syrup but in middle east this is another version to serve this semolina cake. The peera sauce which is nothing but the milk fudge sauce is poured on the baked basbousa and soaked for hour and served warm. This version given the basbousa a fudgy taste and believe me it very addictive than the original basbousa. 

Middle eastern basbousa recipe

Recipe source : Xawaash


Basbousa-  4-5 pieces ( How to make basbousa? )
Hot Milk - 1 cup
Condensed Milk - 10 oz
Ghee - 1 tsp


  • In a sauce pan grease ghee all over put condensed milk in low flame , stir it constantly.
  • Once the condensed milk change to light brown color add hot milk and stir them constantly till well mixed.
  • The sauce will thicken and become smooth. At this stage turn off the flame and tranfer it to a container.
  • Pour this peera sauce on basbousa and  let them soak for 1 - 2 hours.
  • Then enjoy this delicious milky pudding warm.

Basbousa pudding

peera sauce


  1. This is too tempting....inviting clicks too

  2. wow...this sounds similar to the Tres Leche cake/milk cake, absolutely delicious and looks very very tempting Manju...kudos buddy!! semma tempting pics da :)

  3. Looks inviting..... lovely clicks!

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  6. fab dessert n awesome presentation...

  7. this sounds really interesting... looks so delicious...

  8. this is a great idea to make a lovely pudding and not serving the same dessert

  9. I love Basbousa. Making pudding out of it sounds interesting.... Must be so soft and yummy.

  10. mouthwatering pudding dear

  11. I have seen basbousa soaked in honey but this looks even more delicious with condensed milk.Drooling here Manjuu..

  12. Looks so very tempting, yumm..

  13. Such an amazing idea Manju, never heard of Basbosa pudding wow, you rock. Clicks ellam semma.

  14. Wow what a twist u hv given to already yummy basbousa...d sauce makes it all d more tempting

  15. so yumm .,. indha sticky one s sooper

  16. Hi, when to use the ghee in the sauce preparation?

    1. Prabha thanks for the query I some how missed it..Grease the pan with ghee before adding condensed milk


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