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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Rajasthani Sattu Recipe | Teej Sattu| Sattu for Badi teej (kaijali teej)|Dalia sattu

Rakhi sweets

Its rakhi today and am missing my bro though we can't celebrate rakhi he will always be my sweet bro who cares about me a lot. Wish I could make this day special for him..Rakhi is a festival when bro's bring lots of gifts for their sister return of a small fancy thread which we tie on their wrist ..This festival is celebrated only to show love to our sibling to show much we care for them and this is so fun to have a get together and be with our bro's enjoying quality time with the.. I simply miss my bro on this day, its been 4 years we haven't celebrated rakhi and I wish next year we can celebrate this festival together there.

For every rakhi mom used to make sattu for sure and its my fav sweet dish. This sattu is mainly made on teej/ Badi teej festival which is celebrated 4 days after rakhi and can be said as a festival for womens. They have a get together and pooja .  Fasting is performed by women for their husbands and only after moon arrives women can have food this is similar to karwa chauth performed in north . Sattu ka pinda is prepared to offer god and it is decorated in many ways . When I first saw sattu decoration in a rajasthani marriage in marwad they had decorated with in more artistic way . A big plate full of sattu was decorated and warped from the brides side.

So for Teej festival this is the main sweet prepared and all the women are dressed up very well and enjoy this day dancing and singing songs( traditional geeth). As the sun set all women get together and listen to the teej katha ( the story behind teej). After the katha is done and the moon appears the husband takes sattu with help of silver coin and gives it to wife for breaking the fast. This is so much of fun right but in chennai we don't celebrate it so well but rakhi is celebrated in a grand manner in some homes. Ghevar is the must sweet to be brought by sisters for brothers. As I have already made ghevar I wanted to share another sweet which is close to rakhi for me.. Sattu ka pinda can be made in different flours like rice flour, gram flour, wheat flour but this is most favorite among all marwadi homes with dalia . I love the smooth  dalia sattu a lot .. For my 1st day of BM under festival theme I wanted to share this my traditional native sweet.Check out the Blogging Marathon page for the other Blogging Marathoners doing BM#43

sattu recipe

Sattu decoration

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Rajasthani Sattu

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      Cook time
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     5 mins
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Sattu pinda recipe    Ingredients 

    Dalia/ Split Roasted Chana dal - 2 cups     Ghee - 1 cup
    Powdered Sugar - 1 cup
    Cardamom pd - A pinch     

     For garnish

     Varak/ silver foil  ( optional)
     Nuts - Pistachios, almonds, cashews etc
     Food colors

  •  In a mixer grind the dalia in to fine powder.
  •  If you want you can sieve the powdered dalia so that you get a smooth sattu.
  • Transfer the powdered dalia in a bowl , add powdered sugar and mix well.
  • Melt ghee in a sauce pan and turn off the flame.
  • Add the melted hot ghee little by little to the dalia mixture and mix them well with a ladle.
  • After you add all the ghee use your hand and combine them and form a dough.
  • Now you can either make a pindi like it did or press them well in a steel or any plate or make ladoos of them.
  • Garnish them as you wish with nuts , food color or varak.
  • Store it in a air tight container and enjoy them for a week.


  1. This looks delish..Lovely pic too

  2. A delectable dish. I thought you made it with besan going by the pictures. You have ground the dalia real fine.
    Is it similar to maa laddu?

    1. Yes suma its similar to south indian maa ladoo but can be prepared with any flour combo, traditionally we do it with dalia :)

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