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Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Sheer Khurma Recipe |Sheer Korma|How To Make Sheer Khurma ?| Vermicelli Pudding Recipe

How to make sheer khurma ?

I missed to post this on Eid though I made it to for blogging on Eid. Belated eid wishes to my readers , thought its not late than never. So here is my sheer Khurma one of the famous seviya kheer made for Eid / Ramzan. The orgin of this desserts is from the mughals who invaded india and then all the people started continuing to prepare this delicious dessert for any festive occasion. This is a super rich and creamy dessert which contains all the dry fruits in it. This excellent dessert is prepared using Roasted thin vermicelli , But if you are using ordinary one you might have to roast them before using.

It is said to be a traditional muslim breakfast for Eid ul-Fitr but also serves as a dessert. There are many variation for making sheer korma , some soak the nuts and dates in milk for an hour or so and then use them in the pudding .. I have done the other way roasted the dry fruits and used in this khurma. I so love blogging only bcoz it might be any festival we might originally not celebrate in our homes, But  we want our blog to celebrate all the other festivals too right.. I get a chance to share and enjoy recipes made for other regional festive which is why I always try to celebrate all the festive seasons in my blog , I hope most of the readers wud agree..Ok lets move on to the recipe of making sheer Khurma :) 

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          Sheer Khurma Recipe

Recipe Category : Sweets |   Preparation Time : 5 mins | Cook Time : 15 Mins | 
 Makes - 2.5 cups 

Sevaiyan kheer


    Whole Milk/ Full fat milk- 4 cups
    Fine sevaiya / Vermicelli - 1/4 cup ( Thin roasted)
    Condensed Milk- 1/2 cup ( Or more)
    Cardamom pd - A pinch
    Rose essence- few drops
    Dates- 2-3 No ( chopped)
    Cashews - 2-3 No
    Rasins - 2-3 No
    Chironji / charoli nuts - 2 tbsp ( optional)

  • In a kadai/ sauce pan heat ghee, roast dates, cashews , raisins, charoli and transfer them to a bowl.
  •  In the same sauce pan heat milk till it boils and then add roasted vermicelli to it 
  •  Cook them till the vermicelli is soft, as i used roasted thin variety it got cooked very soon.
  • Add condensed milk and boil the milk well.
  • Add cardamom pd and rose essence in the end and serve them garnished with the roasted dates , cashew, charoli ( optional) and raisins.
  • Serve it warm or cold.   

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