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Friday, August 15, 2014

Tri color Rasgulla Recipe |Trianga Rasgulla |Colorful Rasgulla |Independence day Special recipes

Tri color recipes

Happy Independence day to all my readers :). Independence day always reminds me about the government holiday , flag hosting at school and the patriotic atmosphere every were. I miss those school days when we had few programs at school on independence day and at the end where the sweets being distributed. India is celebrating 67 th  independence today and we are always thankful to those who fought for our freedom.After getting married there was not much to do on independence day but to simply enjoy our freedom watching Tv shows in my case. Other than watching for patriotic Tv shows I love to make some tri color food on the day as we are away from India and I want to remember the day and celebrate it in our home. 
I have made Tri color idli and tri color chutney before and this year I made a tricolor rasgulla to enjoy with my family and it is super simple to make. I love making rasgulla and this is one sweet I make it often at home.Adding colors to the rasgulla and making it more colorful and perfect for independence day was my moto and they came out just fantastic. My H enjoyed it a lot and he liked that it was indian flag color . I make rasgulla with lemon juice but this time I made it with vinegar and till came out perfect. Lets move on to the recipe.
Rasgulla with vinegar

Indian flag color rasgulla

Rasgulla recipe

Trianga Rasugulla

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   Preparation time
   Cook time
                                         Indian Sweets
15 mins
    15-20 mins


   Milk-4 cups 
   White vinegar - 1 tbsp
   Sugar - 1 1/2 cup
   Water - 3 cups
   Vanilla or rose essence - few drops
   Green and  orange food color - few drops


  • In a heavy bottomed pan boil milk.Once it starts boiling lower the flame and add vinegar.
  • Mix them well till all the milk coagulates or curdles and the whey and milk solids get seperated.
  • Strain this in a muslin cloth lined or a strainer.
  • Pour cold water on the chenna so that the sour taste of vinegar goes off.
  • Let the whey water from the chenna drain off completely.
  • Twist the cloth and remove the water completely.
  • Now as chenna is ready , knead the chenna well till it is smooth and comes together.This could take 5-10 mins.
  • Divde the chenna into 3 parts , add green color to one part , orange to other part and leave one part of the dough white.
  • Divide the colored chenna  into equal parts and make equal sized balls.
  • In a heavy bottom pan heat sugar and water, once it starts boiling add the prepared chenna balls.
  • Cover the the pan and cook the chenna balls for about 10-15 mins.
Indian independence day recipes
  • After 10 - 15 mins turn of the flame and let the ragulla cool well.
  • Serve these spongy rasgullas after they cool. 

Spongy Rasgulla recipe

Tri color recipes


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