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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Lithuanian Kisielius (Cranberry Pudding) | Tinginys ( Lazy Cakes) ~Lithuanian Cuisine

Lithuanian Recipes

Today letter is L , I chose Lithuania which is officially called Republic of Lithuania is a country in north European continent. Lithuanian cuisine  mainly highlights on the food suitable for the cold weather there which includes : barley, rye, beets, berries etc. The cuisine some what resembles to Scandinavian which another region in northern Europe. I made two amazing desserts from this country .. Oh yeah its dessert again !!! Don't know Y but desserts are just tempting me badly..A luscious dessert is what I call this pudding made with cranberries.. They are too yummy as they look. This dessert can also be served as an accompaniment but it is so good that you will end up finish them by itself. Lithuanians Serve Kisielius thats what they call the cranberry pudding for  Christmas celebration and this is a special pudding which placed on the dessert table. This pudding is also made for special occasions too. The second one is my fav simply bcoz am lazy some times and I carve for cakes but lazy to bake them so this might be a perfect treat for me . Its so simple and it doesn't even requires you to bake.My H just loved both the desserts. With No further ado lets move on to the desserts ...

Cranberry Pudding

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Lithuanian Kisielius

                                  Recipe Category
    Preparation time
   Cook Time 
10 mins
15 mins
Cranberry pudding  Recipe

  Cranberries - 2 cups
  Water - 1 cup
  Sugar - 1/4 cup
  Cinnamon stick - 1/2 'inch stick
  Potato Starch - 3 tbsp
  Vanilla essence - few drops

  • In a sauce pan take cranberries and water . Boil them it the  skin splits from the cranberries.
  • Now strain the water and reserve it . Remove the cranberry seeds from the boiled cranberries.
  • In a mixer pulse the cranberries and make them to smooth puree.
  • Cool the cranberry stock/ water you have reserved already.
  • After they are cool, add potato flour and dilute them with out any lumps.
  • In a sauce pan mix the cranberry puree and the potato starch diluted in stock . 
  • Add sugar and  Boil them Stirring constantly .Add vanilla and mix well .
  • When the pudding turns translucent turn off the stove and set them  in a bowl or pour the pudding in individual bowl.
    • Chill the pudding till set.
    • It can be served with rice pudding or vanilla ice cream.

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    Lithuanian Lazy Cake Recipe

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    Recipe Source :  Here


                                      Recipe Category
        Preparation time
       Cook Time 
    10 mins
    30 mins

    Lazy cakes  No bake verion  Ingredients 

      Condensed Milk - 1 can
      Butter - 100 gms
      Cocoa Pd - 3-4 tbsp
      Marie Biscuits/ digestive biscuits - 10-15 nos
      Pistachios - few ( chopped)

    • Break the biscuits roughly with you hands in a bowl.
    • Add pistachios ti the broken biscuits
    • In a sauce pan heat the butter.
    • Once the butter melts add the condensed Milk  and mix them well.
    • Add cocoa pd and stir them constantly.
    • Bring the mixture to boil and mix them till it combine well.
    • After it combine well thickens a bit turn off the flame.
    • Add the broken biscuits and pistachios to the cocoa mixture.
    • Mix them well and when it is still warm, you can press the mixture in a bowl lined with cling wrap or you make a sausage shape out of it and cover it with cling wrap or aluminium foil.
    • Refrigerate for 3-5 hours till it sets.
    • After which cut them to pieces and serve.


    1. I have made the no bake comes out very nice..for the cranberry pudding I am sure we can make from dried ones too.what do you say..liked both the recipes..good ones.

    2. That no bake cake looks fabulous, luscious pudding makes absolutely incredible and very catchy, both recipes rocks Manju.

    3. Another set of beautiful desserts. I make a cranberry sauce with a similar recipe. Love the color of cranberries. The lazy cake is awesome too!

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      And that no-bake biscuit dessert looks great too.

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