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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Vietnamese Bubble Drinks | Fruit Bubble Tea Recipe |Boba drinks ~ Vietnamese Cuisine

 Fruit bubble drink

Vietnam which is officially called as Socialist Republic of Vietnam is the 8 th most popular Asian country. Vietnamese cuisine is similar to Chinese , traditionally they use minimal amount of oil in making any dish and they rely more on herbs and vegetables.Even though there is so many option from Vietnam for me to choose I chose this delicious bubble tea as its famous in every Vietnamese restaurants. For V  I was so temped to do a special drink from Asian cuisine which is now popular all over the world. Actually I should have done this for T but was is dilemma between Thai and Taiwan . As this drink is popular in Vietnam even and you can find bubble drink in any Vietnamese restaurant too. Though Bubble tea or Boba is originated from Taiwan it is popular all over the world and mainly in US too. I have't had bubble tea before But wanted to try at home and the try them for the first time. I really fell in love with those pearls they when so good to have with the milkshake. Bubble tea is a milkshake version with addition of cooked tapioca pearls which floats in the end of a glass. Its so yummy to have and very refreshing.

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Boba drinks 

                                         Recipe Category
    Preparation time
   Co ok Time
15 mins
15 mins

Vietnamese beverage   Water - 6-7 cups
  Condensed Milk - 1/2 can ( 1 cup)
  Tapioca pearls - 1 cup
  Whole Milk - 4-5 cups ( as needed)
  Fruit puree- 2-3 tbsp 
( I used strawberries, blueberries , mango)
  Coffee decoction- 1/4 cup
  Ice cubes - few
  For syrup
  Water - 1 cup
  Brown sugar - 1/4 cup
  Sugar - 1/4 cup

  • In a sauce boil 7 cups of water . Once the water starts boiling add the tapioca pearls.
  • Cook the tapioca pearls as directed in the package. Mine said cook for 4-5 minutes till the tapioca changes to black color.
  • After they are cooked drain the water and run cold water or tap water on top so that the pearls separate and doesn't stick with each other.
  • Now prepare a sugar syrup. In sauce pan heat brown sugar, sugar and water till it bubbles well.
  • Turn off the flame and put the cooked tapioca pearls in the syrup.
  • Let them sit for atleast 15 mins so that the pearls soak the sugar if not they will taste bland.
  • Now lets assemble  the bubble drinks. 
  • Take 4 glasses first add the tapioca pearls which are soaking in the sugar syrup using a spoon.
  • You can add little syrup with the pearls.
  • Add the fruit puree in each glass .. mango , blueberry, strawberry  puree in each glass. Also add the coffee decoction in one glass.
  • Add condensed  and then Milk on top and voila your bubble drinks with 4 different flavors is ready.
  • If you have a fat bubble straw it would be easy to drink this as you will get the jumbo pearls when u sip. else you can use a spoon to finish the pearls.
  • Top them with ice cubes and serve them chilled.

Bubble tea recipe


  1. Very interesting and yummy drinks da.. wish to taste it right now.. Lovely clicks...

  2. My daughter will go crazy if she see this bubble drinks, i had this drink for the first time when we went to Taiwan, i dunno wat to chose now, may the strawberry drink.. Fantastic drinks Manju..

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  5. All those flavors look lovely dotted with the black pearls.

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  12. You got boba it in asian shop?.I actually got some from india .Waiting to try it .Yummy

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  14. Absolutely love your presentation. I've had this bubble drink in our local Korean store and loved it. Didn't know it was this easy to make at home. What type of tapioca did you use here.

  15. What an interesting array of flavours. They look absolutely divine..

  16. This is an awesome array of drinks! I will go for the coffee flavor :)

  17. I love Bubble Teas, although I usually buy the tea version which does not include milk. In fact they opened up a shop just a few blocks from my house by the train station just a few months ago and now I am so addicted I buy one almost daily.
    But never knew to buy the black tapioca to make at home. Will look for them the next time I am in Chinatown.

  18. Beautiful & colorful drinks.

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