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Friday, November 07, 2014

Hot Chocolate Recipe ( with Nutella)|Hot cocoa ~Christmas Recipes

Christmas Holidays Recipe

It is holiday season and am super excited to start baking for Christmas.It started to be super cold and windy here, So all we require is a warm and comforting drink right? ... As for holiday seasons/ Christmas reminds me of Hot chocolate and this is perfect time to enjoy some Hot chocolate which is made super quick and perfect comforting drink for the season. For Christmas is a cultural holiday celebrated all over world it is celebrated here with wonderful lights decoration, decorating the Christmas trees, singing Christmas carols and lot and lots of fun . Hot chocolate is also called a Hot cocoa which is chocolaty warm and thicker in consistency. In my I am the only person who love to drink hot chocolate a lot and I can't stop drinking them on and on. So to kick start the holiday Season here is irresistible drink...  

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Hot Chocolate 

  Preparation time
   Cook Time
                                              Chocolate Recipes
5 mins
    15  mins
Chocolate recipes  Ingredients  

  Dark chocolate pd - 2 tbsp
  Milk - 2 cups 
  Sugar - as needed
  Nutella - 2 tbsp
  Corn starch - 3 tsp
  Vegan marshmallow - To garnish

  • Dissolve cornstarch in 2 tbsp milk.
  • In a sauce pan boil the rest of the milk.
  • Simmer the flame and add sugar, dark chocolate, nutella.
  • Using a whisk mix them well .Add the corn starch mixture and whisk them constantly.
  • Simmer the mixer till they combine well and the mixture starts to thicken.
  • Pour the hot chocolate in a mug and top them with marshmallows.
  • Enjoy them warm on a cold day.

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  1. Delicious drink! That snow man looks so cute!

  2. OMG it's so tempting!!! Beautiful presentation!! the marshmallow is so cute, like a snowman :)

  3. lovely pics n tempting...vl try ..:)

  4. Love this drink!! looks so delicious :)

  5. love this thick yummy drink

  6. cute pic ! inviting !


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