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Friday, January 23, 2015

Snowmen Oreo Pops Recipe | Easy Oreo Pops | Kids friendly Treats

If you want your kids to indulge in cooking and helping then this is the perfect treat for them to Do it them self and making them proud . My daughter enjoyed making them and enjoyed snacking them. I love to work with my kidoo and this one memorable treat we enjoyed making. I actually made them for Christmas to blog but I just got to blog them now. I love making quick treat for kids and this one is just super with only 2-3 ingredients . They are super easy, you can make them in minutes if you have all the ingredients available. I gave them a snowmen look for this season you can even customize as needed.  Anyway it is decorated kids will just enjoy them. Lets quickly move on to the recipe.

Snowmen Oreo Pop

      Preparation time
   Cook Time
                                         Indian Breads
15 mins
15 mins

  White Chocolate chips/ White candy melts- 1 cup
  Oreo Biscuits - 4-5 No
  Lolly pop sticks
  Tit bits  
  Color gel 
  Sprinklers for garnish

  • In a microwave save bowl melt the chocolate chips / candy melts  for 30 seconds.
  • Take out from the microwave, mix them and melt them for 30 more seconds till all the chocolate is melted. If the chocolate is not melted microwave them for 10 more seconds
  • Take a lolly pop stick dip the edge of the stick in chocolate and fix the stick in the oreo biscuits.
  • Wait for 10 mins then dip the oreo bicuits in the melted chocolate cover the biscuit all over with the chocolate and place it on a parchment paper/ butter paper .
  • Do this for rest of the biscuits and keep it aside till the chocolate sets/hardens.
  • Use the tit bits for nose, color gel for hats and eyes and add some sprinklers to the hat.
  • Perfect Oreo snowmen pops are ready.

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