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Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Banana Chocolate Milkshake Recipe | Milkshake Recipe

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Milkshakes are always my fav and they are perfect way to start a day . I used to make milkshakes daily for my H with any fruit available , and one of my h fav  is Banana milkshake . Is always love to add some chocolate yumminess to make the milkshake more tempting.This is one filling milkshake your kids will love to drink , instead of giving them plain milk anything flavored will make them more happy isn't it. Banana chocolate milkshake is our family fav combo which we make them often . Any milkshake when added a scoop of ice cream to it will taste luscious but I haven't added to keep it simple . 

Banana Milkshake recipe

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Banana Chocolate Milkshake

      Preparation time
5 mins

  Banana - 1 no
  Milk - 2 cup
  Chocolate syrup - 3 -4 tbsp
  Sugar as needed ( optional)

  • Mix all the ingredients in blender, Pulse them till combined well.
  •  Serve them chilled.

Milkshake Recipe

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