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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Karuvepullai Kara Kuzhambu Recipe |Curry Leaves Kuzhambu

Kara Kozhambu Recipe

Kara kuzhambu is my every time fav with hot steamy rice and papadam. My Masi makes awesome kara kozhambu and all the south indian dishes , when I was kid i used to spend my vacation in her home with my cousins. My Masi used make varieties of dishes for us at home right from puttu for breakfast to some south india soft idli's she is a great chef and my inspiration after my mom. I have learnt a lot from her, I remember once when we had a practical exam at school we were suppose to make some thing new than the usual in our menu so I made a complete south Indian Platter before day I asked for her vendakai kuzhambu and karuvepullai kuzhambu recipe but I made only vendakai kuzhambu , My mam just loved it and I scored gud in that practicals. So I just rewind my memories and this karuvepullai kuzhambu is my fav learn't from my masi. This is so healthy and yummy you can keep it for one day and the next day it tastes much better any kozhambu in that matter tastes much better the next day.My H love to eat curry leaves , he actually drinks curry leaves juice too so when I made this kuzhambu for him he just enjoyed it a lot. Now lets move to the recipe quickly.

Kuzhambu Recipes

Curry leaves Kozhambu

Karuvepullai Karakuzhambu 

                                         Category  Preparation time    Cook Time
                                     Kozhambu Recipe
10 mins
   15 mins

South Indian Kozhambu Recipes  Onion - 1/4 cup ( chopped)
  Tamarind - 1 gooseberry size
  Red chilli pd - 1/4 tsp
  Oil - 2 tbsp
  Mustard seeds - 1 tsp
  Salt to taste
  For Grinding
  Karuvepullai/ Curry leaves - 2 cup
  Urad dal - 1 tbsp
  Coriander seeds- 1 tbsp
  Channa dal - 1 tbsp
  Whole red chillies - 3-4
  Whole pepper corn - 1/2 tsp
  Garlic cloves - 2-3 no
  Oil - 1/2 tsp

  • Soak tamarind in 1/4 cup water for 15 mins and extract the tamarind pulp.
  • In a sauce pan heat oil roast urad dal, channa dal, coriander seeds,whole red chillies, whole pepper corn, garlic till light brown and it leaves out nice aroma.
  • Dry roast the curry leaves in very low flame slightly and keep it aside.
  • In a Blender add the roasted ingredients, curry leaves and some water as needed to make a smooth paste.
  • In another pan heat oil add mustard seeds, after they splutter add onion and saute them till translucent.
  • Add the curry leaf paste and saute them for a while till the raw smell goes off.
  • Add red chilli pd , tamarind pulp and enough water to make the kozhambu thin.
  • Boil the kozhambu well till the oil floats on top and it thickens a bit.
  • Serve them Hot with steamed rice and papadam.
  • You can add very little fenugreek seeds to the roasted ingredients. 
  • Some also add a pinch of jaggery or sugar to kuzhambu for taking the bitterness or sourness is any. 

Curry leaves Gravy Recipe


  1. Kuzhambu looks awesome, mouthwatering here..

  2. Yummy kara kuzhambu!!Loved the recipe:)


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