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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Red velvet Hot Chocolate Recipe | Hot Chocolate Recipe

Hott Chocolate Recipe
 Hope you all had a wonderful valentines and got some surprises which you'll be treasuring for the whole life isn't it. I had a fun filled valentines day too, usually I like to give a card and wish my husband for any day but this time we had so much fun surprising each other :).. I made Red velvet hot chocolate for this occasion and we celebrated V day with this romantic drink ;).. I just love red velvet recipes this one was is in my to do list for many years so that I can post is under valentines day theme. Red is  undoubtedly symbol of love and I just love to make anything in red for valentines day. I have already posted a Hot chocolate recipe with Nutella but this one is simple and to go with the theme. I just added some food color but if you don't want to add you can skip it as it is just for making it look prettier. Now lets move on to the recipe of making a smooth and quick hot chocolate ...

Valentines day recipe

Winter Drinks

     Red Velvet Hot Chocolate

  Preparation time
   Cook Time
10 mins
    3 mins

  Milk - 2 cups ( boiled and cooled at room temp)
  Milk Chocolate chips-1/2 cup 
  ( if using semi sweet you might need to add sugar too)
  Red food color - as needed

  • In a microwave safe mug put the milk chocolate and microwave them for 30 secs , mix them if the chocolate is not melted completely microwave them again for 30 sec it they are smooth.
  • Add the red food color and milk little milk first.
  • Add the milk little by little and make sure there are no lumps.
  • Heat this milk in microwave for 1 - 2 minutes until the milk is nice a hot.
  • Don't over heat the milk mixture.
  • You can make this on stove top too just mix chocolate chips and milk in a healthy bottomed pan , stir continuously till the chocolate melts.
  • Add the red food color and turn off the stove.
  • You can skip the color and make it just hot chocolate.
  • Serve them Hot on a cold day.

Red Velvet Recipes


  1. lovely red velvet hot chocolate.. I wish I have that cup :-)

  2. You rock with your everyday posts Manju.

  3. wow... what color of that hot chocolate!


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