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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Taste Of Chennai|Chennai Cuisine | Best Restaurants and Eats in Chennai

Who doesn't love to eat and explore our country / state fav Traditional foods especially Traditional food in chennai..I am a big time foodie when it comes to trying different cuisines , may it be making at home or trying it in some road side joints or restaurants. After marriage my H and I have been to so many restaurants all over chennai that it is hard to count. I personally feel it is better to visit the restaurant enjoy the ambiance and have your meal than to take out pizza some times. It is so relaxing when we are out with our loved once to have food after a hectic week / time at work. The ambiance in some restaurants will sooth you and  not to forget if the food is delicious no one can stop you from enjoying isn't it.

Best Restaurants and Eats in chennai

We both ( me and H) are great fans of traditional south Indian restaurants where we get all the authentic taste and flavor of south India. Being a north Indian I never felt i am from north when it comes to cooking, I make south Indian and north Indian food at home.Whenever we go to restaurants the order will either south Indian authentic food in chennai or some tiffin varieties like onion uttaps, dosa varieties, My standard order would be sambhar idli in the list bcoz am a big time sambhar idli fan. Chennai is the place perfect for foodies like me where you get some of the Best south Indian restaurants to explore. As we lived in palavakkam near the seashore the neelangarai Hot chips was most profited by us :P as we used to go there every time for breakfast and dinner atleast once a week or some sometime thrice a week. I have mentioned in lot of my post about how we used to enjoy the sizzling sound of the paniyaram made in the door step of the Hot chips restaurant, It is so nostalgic memory I miss it a lot here.

I a big fan of having south Indian meals or any meal for that matter you would have figured out by seeing lot of thali varieties cooked by me which was a great hit in my blog. I love to enjoy a full South indian meals with poriyals, kootus, kara kuzhambu, sambhar, rasam, curd / buttermilk,and ending with a payasam it is really an overwhelming feeling when I finish my plate of full meals and go to fast a sleep after enjoying a fantastic meal.Enjoying traditional authentic south Indian food make us always happy some of our fav restaurants we used to visit often where data udupi hotel in kodambakam, murugan idli shop , saravana bhavan vadapalani,sangeetha hotel santhome, Rathna cafe ( Famous for its Sambhar poured in mugs ;) ) Hotel krishan bhavan, Adyar Anandha Bhavan, Shri Balaji bhavan saidapet ( most of the time when am at mom's place we used take out meals from this restaurant which is one of our fav), Gangotree ( famous for its chaats and I love to have pani puri there), Sri krishna sweet - I love the famous soft Mysore pak, woodlands mylapore is also my fav, Also have to mention the Kaiyedhi bhavan's in chennai has remarkable varieties of food to offer and cost is moderate  . These are some restaurants in which I explored many times and have been a happy customer.I know I might have missed some names of the famous restaurants here  just brushing my memory and have mentioned some might have skipped some name pardon me for that.

Not even the tamil nadu traditional restaurants,we also used to explore some karnataka, andhra and Kerala restaurants too .. Now you know the secret how I was able to do a month long thali marathon ;) .. As we tend to make north indian food all the time at home in chennai , we always opt to try some south Indian fav when we go out to have food. I have even tasted the andhra meals in Amravathi restaurant ECR , I remember even the complex name  it is "Manjula complex" ;) , If you like to enjoy some authentic andhra food then this is pretty good, My H is a big time fan of the podi rice served there and the andhra pickle too . Staying in ECR road we have explored many of the restaurants, back then when we were staying in chennai. Now am eagerly waiting for a vacation to explore many more restaurants in chennai and also recreating some the traditional food at home.  

So always remember when you are in chennai then you are in the right place to explore south Indian traditional food in every street. I love Namma ooru chennai for all the food and happiness it can provide us. Will update you about the restaurants when I visit in chennai soon once we plan a vacation . Hope this Post will be useful for people looking for some restaurants in chennai.


  1. Lovely write up Manjula! Bought back tons of memories from my days back in Chennai :)

  2. Nice post..miss our Indian food n restaurants..

  3. love every restaurant u mentioned.brings back memories


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