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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Rajasthani Traditional Foods | Best Restaurants and Eats In Jaipur

Rajasthani traditional recipes

Rajasthan is one colorful state in our country and perfect place to enjoy the colorful attractions , for shopping and to explore all the traditional food there and thier so many exceptional places to eat in Jaipur ( the pink city). As my native is rajasthan we used to go for vacation only yearly once or twice, we usually have a pilgrim  travel , and also enjoy the atmosphere there. Trust me Rajasthan is the best place to enjoy and also explore food in very streets of Rajasthan.  Jaipur capital of rajasthan is also called as pink city and it is the largest city. Jaipur has some famous best Restaurants which serves lot of yummy stuffs. So I have recollected some of the best restaurants in jaipur  from my previous visits, Rajasthan is know for its some tempting food  some of the traditional dish includes dal dhokli, gatta ki sabzi, ker sangri , gulab jamun ki sabzi, some fantastic lassi, kachori's, poha jelebi, and never ending list of street foods. 

My grand ma ( mom's ma) used to prepare delicious rajasthani food , I remember how we used travel all over and come to my grand ma's space at mid nite 1.00 am and used to prepare garam garam dal dhokli in sigdi and they taste just divine. Though every rajasthani home the ladies prepare yummy food people opt to  purchase the mithaiya from the stores and most of the chaat are enjoyed in the chaat corners.  I have been to jaipur only few times and always enjoyed the food there. I was surprised to see there were no plastic glasses used and instead they serve tea / coffee in use and throw earthen pots every where in rajasthan, they  are very much thinking about global warming I felt really nice about it. Starting the morning with  tea Gulaji ki chai is very much famous in jaipur, also some people prefer lassi from Lassiwala on MI road they serve both sweet and salty lassi , I prefer the sweet one more as it full loaded with cream or malai in it. I know kachoris are prefered as a tea time snack in most of the place but it is a part  of breakfast in rajasthan , deep fried savories are enjoyed in the morning ,The famous store Rawat Mishatan Bhandar offer some delicious variety of garam / hot kachoris , Pyaz kachori , mawa kachori , puff pastries  all are my favorites. "Pyaz kachori" is a store name serves some tempting kachories too

 I have mention about Lakshmi  Mhistan Bhandar in my ghevar post they are 200 yr old mithai shop which selll all kind of mithai and also they have some innovative chaat in their shop. They have the state famous paneer ka ghevar and they are one of the popular ghevar selling store there . You can see some road side vendors too making ghevar's in rajasthan. The Rajasthan traditional food Dal baati Choorma is also served in the morning and evening but for a limited while, they are customer friendly if you want the food to have less oil then you can tell them. Also Rajasthan is know for its pheni sweet and fhika ( with no sweet)  which is available in Sambhar Pheni wla , jaipur. There are many rajasthani restaurants serving some traditional foods for the tourist , as you know it is perfect place for any tourist to explore. Handi is one of the restaurant which is very famous for its authentic flavors. I am so glad to have done this post , will keep updating after trying some  more restaurants there . Hope it will useful for those who travel rajasthan :)


  1. Oh god Just to taste all this I would like to plan my Next vaccation to Rajasthan...

  2. I love Rajasthan :) When I went to Jaipur 18 years ago, things were very different in India though- Pizza Hut had only just opened, and I ate there one time for a change from thali!


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