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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Match stick Cookie | Eggless Match Sick Shaped Cookie

Eggless Match stick shaped Cookies

I just Love doing mega marathon and as this time it was baking I was not sure if I can pull it through as I had lot of work to catch up. Still I planned to write down all the cookies and cakes am going to make for the marathon before starting the baking process. The first recipe I made for the marathon was this match stick cookie. Am in love with decorative and different shaped cookies now as I made so many cookie different ones. These cookies are so attractive and they where just imitating a match stick and people around me where surprised to see such a cookie . After sharing all my marathon bakes to my friends they even started telling me start a bakery he he ..They are so nice that's loads of a compliment but I feel I have lot to learn here. These match stick cookies where very delicious to taste with a dip of a chocolate, a perfect finger food for any one. To give it a match look I presented it in a box ;) Hope you try and enjoy this recipe as we did.


Match Stick Cookie

                                         Category  Preparation time    Cook Time
            15 mins
    6-8 mins
  All Purpose Flour -1½ cups
  Butter, softened -1 stick (1/2 cup)
  Sugar - ½ cup
  Vanilla extract - ½ tsp
  Milk -2- 3 tbsp.
  Salt - ½ tsp
  Baking powder - 2 tsp
  Candy melts/ semi sweet chocolate chips - 1 cup (Black)
  • Pre heat the oven at 350 F. In a bowl cream the soft butter with sugar till combined.
  • Add vanilla extract to it , sieve all purpose flour , salt , baking pd into it and mix well.
  • Add milk if needed and mix them well to form a dough.
  • In a lightly floured surface roll the dough to 1/2 inch thickness and cut the dough to 5 cm long and strips like a match stick.
  • Place the strips on a parchment paper and bake the cookie at 350 F for 6-8 mins till you slight brown in the corners.
  • After they are done leave the cookies on the parchment till they cool and then transfer them to cooling rack.
  • For the black head of the matchstick I just melted some candy melts you can also use chocolate. Just melt them in microwave for 30 sec , mix and melt them again if needed , Dip the end of the cookie a little and place them on a parchment paper.
  • Let them set them remove the cookies gently.
  • Serve them as is and enjoy. 



  1. How innovative! Never heard or seen match stick cookies. Patting your back from here. :)

  2. Oh I thought it was a real match stick... so cute and perfectly shaped..

  3. looks too cute..very innovative cookies

  4. Hats off dear for this innovation

  5. A very innovative and delightful recipe...Perfect to make and enjoy with kids this holiday season!! They look so pretty too!! Hats off to you!

  6. OMG.. it looks like real match stick. amazing and innovative. kudos

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  8. Match stick cookies are cute and in the first pic I though you were sharing a pic of match sticks. You are indeed very creative and artistic. Loving all your cookies.

  9. Very interesting and super cute. I will have a box full please.

  10. Wow looks gorgeous! super creative recipe.

  11. U just rock,really those cookies looks stunning..

  12. what lovely presentation, bookmarking

  13. Hats off Manjula! Trust me I have fallen in love with these match sticks...ok since you are now in chennai settle down and I will ask you to send me some from your bakery:))

  14. Manjula, that's one awesome creation..very nice..and so beautifully done!

  15. I am spell bound! Such a beautiful creation!!! You must start a bakery Manjula....

  16. Cute looking matchsticks..Hats off to your creativity and patience :)

  17. This looks so cute,hats off to your innovation and creativity..

  18. This looks so cute,hats off to your innovation and creativity..

  19. Patience, so much patience!!! very innovative manjula!!! looks very cute and stunning!!!

  20. How innovative!!! Looks superb!

  21. Too good and innovative cookies Manjula! Lovely!

  22. Wow, how cute -- those matchstick cookies look so adorable.

  23. Love these cookies. You better settle down fast and send the cookies to us here. They are amazing,

  24. This is the first time I am seeing these cookies. They are so cute!!!


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