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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Bread Rabri Recipe | Karva Chauth Recipe ~ Guest Post for Indus Ladies

Instant Rabri

Karva chauth is a one day fasting festival when a married women fast till moonrise for their respective husbands for their safety and long life. We as rajasthani also do flow a similar fast on Teej which is called Karwa chauth in Punjab, Uttar pradesh, Himachal pradesh and Haryana.The festival falls on Karthick month on a full moon day. Karva which is a earthen pot or kalash with water in it and chauth means fourth day of the karthik month.In this festival women puts on the 16 singaar - Bhindi, jewels, Sindhoor,henna/ Mehandi, Red saree preferabbly or some also wear wedding dress etc.. Women does not do any house on this day and prepares for the puja which happen in the evening while the moon rise. Before the fast starts or the sun rise Mother in law sents sargi or Pre dawn meal for daughter in law before starting the fast. Few hours before the fast begins every married women from the family go to the terrace and start preparing for the puja and listen to the karva chauth vrat katha or story behind Karva chauth. Then after some time finally when the moon peeps women looks in to the sieve to see the rising moon and then her husaband in to the seive. There are many sweets and savouries made for offering like halwa,mathri, sweet mathri, rabri etc . As they follow fasting for whole day they don't spend much time in kitchen and so one such instant recipe idea to make on this day is Bread rabri which so quick and can be prepared in minutes. 

When Magee asked me for a guest post I was all set to make this rabri as it is perfect for the festival. It is Instant Rabri and taste just like any rabri. People who don't have plain flour for the fast can also use whole wheat bread. Do visit the Indus Ladies Page for the recipe Click here.  This is also going to be a part of the Indus Ladies Karva Chauth Guide. 

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  1. Interesting recipe,looks delicious

  2. Yummy Bread Rabri Manju!! Looks festive.

  3. Yum! Thank you dear for accepting my request instantly :)

  4. Nice post, glad to read this


  5. I love this recipe because it is made from bread.. Sounds interesting...

  6. I love this recipe because it is made from bread.. Sounds interesting...

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