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Sunday, March 06, 2016

Great Ways To Save Money On Your Food Orders

Are you spending a bomb on each meal? Does the average amount spent on your food every month, including groceries, unplanned lunches or dinners touching the sky? Are you spending more on your grocery shopping than your gas bill each month? Blaming it on the global warming or bad crop yields or the rising rate of inflation?

Spending lavish money on your food is only acceptable once in a fortnight but not every day or worse, every meal. It is a sheer waste of money without you realizing how much harm you’re doing to yourself in the name of fun and indulgence.

Below are some proven ways that can help you save money on food orders.

Use Coupons and Discounts

You have planned your lunch or dinner with your team or family at your favorite restaurant. Why not use the online coupons or discount promo codes available on the food from the same restaurant? There is a plethora of coupons and deals websites online that are full of exciting offers, coupons and sale codes on everything. This will help you get saving on your food. Check out the box8 buy one get one deals to get the idea of how much one can save while ordering online.

Cut wastage and food bills

Every time you see a sale on some product, you buy it in bulk, even though you don’t need it, just because you think that you are saving something on this deal.You don’t need those extra quantities of dal or chips as you already have a decent stock at home. Buy only what you need. Not in surplus. It would either get wasted or be thrown away. Avoid that.

Put pen to paper 

If you are not comfortable enough using your to-do list smart application, or any other money tracking app, then don’t use it. Stick to what you’re comfortable in doing. Write a list of groceries, food staples that you need on the good old pen and paper, on a daily basis. Make a list of things that you would like to shop, but ensure to check your store cupboard, freezer or more to check if you have
enough quantity of this food. If possible work out a daily or weekly meal plan.

Use your leftovers

The clever way to save on food and reduce food waste is to use your previous night’s leftovers in a more creative way. Use it as a “ready-meal” or next day’s breakfast. There is so much to do with leftovers - all you got to do is put in some creativity and turn them into an interesting meal. If you have the patience, you could even look up some of the recipes that can help you whip up something delicious from the leftovers. Hope after reading this, you would commit yourself to reducing food waste. Tell us how these tips have helped you to save money while also leading a healthy lifestyle!


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