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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Easy Fruit Cream Recipe| Party Recipe Ideas

Fruit Cream

Hi my dear fellow readers am so sorry for not being active here for months.I was in a long vacation and couldn't blog frequently.. But here I am with another quick recipe for you guys.. I was in my India trip , really enjoyed staying with our family .. We spent some quality time with our family and my daughter just loved playing with her grand parents. I have so many good news to share for my readers which I was unable to share at that moment... So here is one among them Desi Fiesta reached 1+ Million views recently and so happy.Thanks to each and everyone for visiting my space and making this happen. 

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I know you all will be very eager to know what I did in India these many months.. You know even though I was out of blogging , My every time thought was about my blog.. It was really difficult to Blog in India for me as I was so occupied with other works, but you know what is the best part living India?? It is prop collection , One year was really less for me to collect props in India and I successfully got them without any damage was the best part.. If you are in Fb page then you would have know I had done 2  cooking shows ( just a try) , both for very popular channels in chennai. I will share the experience of shooting in my upcoming post...I also Have created a new fb page to improve my photography skills and share my hobby photographs there . I named it " Manu's Shutter Up" Do Visit this link and hit a like if you like my photographs..

Ok for today's recipe I got a very quick and easy to make dessert which is perfect for a party. If you are planning to give a party at your home and don't want to spend much time in making desserts for the guest and also don't want to serve them store bought sweets this is the perfect recipe you are searching for. When I came to US 4 years back , couple of friends invited us for lunch and we had fruit cream there and I just loved it a lot and when I asked the friend how she made she said its just whipped cream with some chopped fruits inside.. I was actually shocked how simple recipes make so delicious desserts, I tried this recipe couple of times and I still love it a lot every time I make them. Fruit cream is getting very popular in parties as it is quick delicious and nutritious, all put together . Now this is very simple recipe I have shared , I have another version of fruit cream too which I will share in my future posts. So here we go ..

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Fruit Cream

                                                        Category  Preparation time    
           15 mins

  Fresh Cream Or Heavy Whipping Cream - 1 Cup
Whipped Cream with Fruits  Icing sugar - 3 tbsp
  Apple - 1/2 ( chopped)
  Green Grapes- 5-6 nos
  Strawberry - 3 nos ( chopped)
  Oranges - 2 wedge ( Pith removed)
  Plum - 1/2  ( chopped)
  Pomegranate - 3 tbsp
  Cashews - 2 nos ( chopped)
  Walnuts - 2 nos ( chopped)
  Vanilla essence - Few drops

  •  To start with take the chilled fresh cream or heavy whipping cream in a bowl and with the help of a hand blender beat it till it attains thick consistency.
  • Add the icing sugar to the whipped cream and then using a hand blender again blend it.
  • Chill this whipped cream in fridge till you are done with chopping of the fruits.
  • Chop all the fruits and mix them in the whipped cream slowly.
  • Add Nuts, few drops of vanilla essence and mix them too. 
  • Serve it immediately or chill it till served.
  • Use any fruit of your choice like pineapple, mango, kiwi, banana or any berries you like.
  • These can be made ahead of a day and stays good in fridge for a day or two.But I recommend after adding fruits to it serve it immediately.

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  1. This looks amazing and welcome back dear.looking forward for many more recipes here

  2. This looks amazing and welcome back dear.looking forward for many more recipes here

  3. congrats on the milestone :) and welcome back dear

  4. Welcome back dear, congrats for all the good things happening around you, especially the 1 million view... Looking forward for more recipes..

  5. Looks gr8 btw your shows were fantastic , congrats dear you rock

  6. Looks gr8 btw your shows were fantastic , congrats dear you rock

  7. Hope you had great time in India with family. Welcome back! And this fruit cream is really tempting.

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