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Friday, July 01, 2016

Seem Pal Recipe | Therattipal |Palkova | Colostrum Milk Sweet Recipe

Colostrum Milk recipe

Cow's Milk recipe

Staying in home country means you get to taste all the traditional good, vegetables, fruits and some authentic dishes, this includes moms food.Am so glad i tasted my moms food after 4 years and it was really good feeling, enjoyed it a lot. In my India stay we had Milk man used bring cows milk for us every day. I once happen to ask him if I can get "seempal" to my surprise he told me you have asked me in the right time the cow is going to deliver calf soon and I will get the milk in 2 days , After two days he bought me 1/2 liter of  milk , when I received the milk I was little worried and asked the milkman if the calf had the milk, he said the milk produced by cows are more than the calf's consume so we have to express the milk anyway , this is the extra milk after the calf's tummy is filled. This made me smile and I was ok, I know every mother wants her kid to be fed first likewise applicable for gomatha ( cow) too isn't it. So now coming to the recipe today it is very very nutritious and yummy to taste.

Theratti paal

My Mom always used to tell me how she used to enjoy having seempal in her childhood days. I also happen get some from our Milkman who was kind enough to give me the seempal for free every time.. I say every time bcoz I was so lucky to get seempal for 4-5 times and I fortunately photographed it to blog. Seempal can't be found every were infact before moving to India I searched everywhere in the US but missed to ask at cattle farm may be they might have, I found dehydrated colostrum milk pd in walmart but it was goat's milk so didn't get it. I am so lucky to have tasted the cow's seempal , trust me it is so delicious by itself , some flavors and sugar added to it makes it more delicious.

Seem pal or kadambu pal is a very nutritious cow's milk after the cow gives birth to the calf . The first milk is yellow in color and the first 3-5 days milk after delivering is normally called as seem pal.
There are so many other names for this milk in telugu it is called junnu pal, Posu in Kannada, Doodh Bali in Marwadi ( My mom told me the name), Kharvas in Marathi, and in english it is called Colostrum Milk. You can visit your local cow's Milk vendor ( Mattu pannai in Tamil)  and ask for the colostrum milk or seempal if available.This is so authentic sweet tastes divine and so yummy you will fall in love with this sweet. I made this seempal for couple of times in India, once I made with 4 rd day milk and the second time I made it with 3 rd day milk. Both tasted yummy but the color was different, the  3 rd day milk was yellow and 4 th day had faded yellow. Ok any day milk it will taste yummy am sure. Make sure you  use 2 nd to 5 th day milk .

How to make palkova

Mother's Milk

Seem Pal

                                             Category  Preparation time Cook Time   
          5 mins
    10 -15 mins     
  Seem pal / Colostrum Milk - 1/2 ltr
  Sugar-  2 tbsp or more as desired
  Cardamom pd - 1/4 tsp

  • In a vessel strain the milk and keep it to boil in low medium heat.
  • Keep stiring the milk with spatula.
  • After few minutes you can see the milk curdling and the milk protein starts coagulating.
  • Keep on stiring till all the milk coagulates and water separates.
  •  Cook till all the water evaporates and absorbed by the curdled milk.
  • After all the water evaporates, add sugar and cardamon to it and mix it well.
  • Cook till well blend and then turn of the meet.
Seempal recipe
 Note : I like the semi dry version of seem pal so I evaporated all the water after curdling , if you like a little watery and super soft seempal you don't have to cook till all the water is evaporated.

Photography Props

There different ways  seempal is made this is the easiest version, you can also steam this seempal to make another sweet called ginnu or junnu, I will be posting that soon. Hope you like this recipe, Do leave your valuable comments :)


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