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Monday, July 11, 2016

Watermelon Strawberry Lemonade |Watermelon and Strawberry Lemonade

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Here I am back after a week, I am trying my best to post at least 3 days a week .. As we have just moved i am in the process organizing things at home. Also I am in the hunt of buying new props for my blog baby, Props hunting always gives me so much happiness that I can't explain in words. Even a old rusted vessel makes me feel this would be a perfect vintage prop which should be treasured. Some times people look at us as if we have lost it , but the real reason only a blogger or a photographer can understand. 

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Ok now coming to the post today , It is super hot over hear and we always carve for some chilled juice which is perfect thirst quencher, especially when it is 90 degree . I know it is not too hot like chennai but still we can feel the heat its lot . Chennai was ultimate when we speak about weather there , it was one reason which kept me away from blogging.. I seriously had hard time with the heat and thought wish I had A/C in kitchen too.. After all day workout in kitchen I had no more energy to sweat in my patio to take the pictures. So most of the time I used to cook and then relish without taking any pictures. 

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So today I thought to share is yummy and colorful lemonade which I made in the weekend. Summer is the perfect season to enjoy watermelons and we always get watermelons once a week but only half the watermelon was relished as is and half was sitting in the fridge, so I thought of making a juice and popped this idea of combing two red fruits to make a refreshing lemonade. Lemonade's are my fav and when it made different every time my Hubby loves to experiment. so here comes my version of fruity, Healthy, refreshing lemonade.

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Watermelon Strawberry Lemonade

                                             Category  Preparation time Cook Time   
          5 mins
 10 mins     


  Watermelon - 4 cups ( cubed) / Medium sized half melon
  Lemon Juice - 2 tbsp (Juice from 1 lemon) 
  Strawberries - 5-6 nos
  Sugar - 1/4 cup ( More as needed)
  Water - 1/2 cup ( optional)
  Ice Cubes - Few
  Pudina / Mint leaves - for garnish 
  Lemon sliced-  2

  •   In a mixer add the chopped watermelons and grind it first, then add sliced strawberries and grind it till fine. Add water while grinding if needed, My watermelons where very juice so I didn't add any water.
  • Now in a bowl strain the juice using a strainer.
  • Add sugar and lemon juice . Mix them well in the juice. Add the lemon slices it enhances the flavor in the juice more 
  • Chill the lemonade and serve it with extra ice cubes if needed.
  • Serve it chilled and garnish with some pudina/ mint leaves. 

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  1. Great combo...loved d color

  2. Lovely lemonade... I can understand how hot it can get in the kitchen... it is the same condition here, so as of now, not much cooking and relying on my drafts... hehe...

  3. Lovely combination, the lemonade looks so refreshing..

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