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Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Easy Home Made Trail Mix | Healthy No bake Trail Mix Recipe | National Trail Mix Day

 American trail Mix

National trail Mix day

Trail mix are very popular snack in America .. It is considered a very healthy snack to indulge , though it is easy to put together the proper proportion and the ingredients combined matters a lot. There should be correct amount of treenuts, dried fruits and candies / chocolates added . Dry fruits are always a healthy option for snacks, in India dry fruits are considered very healthy and it is served for the guest who come for the marriage as a symbol of hospitality. As I belong to a marwari roots we have the tradition of serving dry fruits and nuts to the guest who come to our home. So when ever we have guest before any snacks dry fruits or mawa is offered to them. If some guest are very shy and restraining them to have we try make them feel like home and enjoy the hospitality ( In marwari we call Manwar). In our dry fruit box we generally have a combination of fruits and nuts like cashew, badam, pista are like compulsory  other than that we can have anjeer or dried figs, dried grapes, dried apricots or any even chocolates. In the picture below I have added anardana balls ( pomegranate balls).

No bake snacks

Dry fruits recipes

Coming to the american version of trail mix , I had a visit to the near by organic store and picked some organic dry fruits and seeds.  Few days back some one mailed from for a contest asking if I can post trail mix as " National trail mix" is coming on August 31st. So this is my favorite  combination of trail mix. Trail Mix are great healthy way to snack. It is the perfect travel snack , especially for road trips. A trail mix should have a perfect mix of of nuts, seeds, dried nuts and sweets. It is so easy to put together and pack for travel that your kids will love to do it themselves.Am sure you will stop buying store bought trail mix and make them yourself , as home made is always better, and that to when you want to feed your family with healthy stuffs. Here goes the simple recipe of Organic trail mix for today's recipe.

Indian dry fruits dabba

 National trail mix day

Home Made Trail Mix

                                                       Category  Preparation time   
                                                          Trail Mix
         2 mins


  Almonds- 1 cup
  Pistachio - 1/4 cup
  Pumpkin seeds - 1/4 cup
  Goji Berries - 1/4 cup
  Chocolate Chips - 2 tbsp

  • Mix all the ingredients.
  • Pack it in a airtight container or ziplock.
  • You can add a pinch of kosher salt.
  • This is a no bake version, so it is easy to mix up. Can be made in minutes.

home made recipe

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  1. very are bright and beautiful nuts mix..

  2. Love to munch this healthy trial mix inviting pictures Manju :)

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  4. Love the mawa box trail mix, very easy to assemble not to mention insanely healthy and delicious! My friends from essayrepublic will surely like to taste this on our next saga.

  5. Super trail mix I usually don't like store bought one they tend to be too sweet at times. I love how you have added gogi berries and this is a great way you can sneak in your favourite dry fruits too


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