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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Lemon Mor Recipe | Nimbu Chaas | Lemon Buttermilk

Nimbu Chaas Recipe

Chaas/ Mor is perfect thirst quencher for a sunny day. It is so refreshing and healthy to drink. I remember my mom used to make buttermilk/ chaas/ Mor daily for my father after lunch. It is very healthy and wonderful coolant for our body, so my father used to drink a big kalash full of chaas daily as it was so healthy. Our body tends to heat up quickly so this refreshing drink is the natural and yummy way to cool our body. Perfect for a sunny a day especially in India it is always too hot that this drink is perfect to make you smile and refresh. 

Summer drink recipes

Chaas Recipe

We stayed in India last year and we used to drink lot of mor to cool us, one such hot day we were out on a weekend  and I happen to hear a street seller selling varieties of mor and once such mor I heard was Lemon Mor ..oh yes I heard it right, this is one delicious mor. Then I wanted implement the lemon mor in my kitchen and I tried it finally. To my surprise this mor was really refreshing and accomplished  to impress H . He said I have drank this drink in my childhood, But this is my own recipe. That is how food blogging has changed me , even a new dish name said or heard It really makes me try in my kitchen my own way and blog about it. It was really fun making these easy pesy buttermilk with coriander and mint , and the main hero is the lemon in this buttermilk. 

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Lemon Mor

                                                 Category  Preparation time        
                                                     Summer Drinks
         10 mins                  


  Yogurt / Curd - 1 cup ( not too sour)
  Lemon - 2 tbsp ( half a lemon squeezed )
  Coriander leaves - A handful with the stem
  Mint leaves - A handful 
  Cumin pd - 1/4 tsp
  Water - 2 -3 cups
  Salt to taste

  •  In bowl add yogurt / curd and beat it with a spoon till smooth.
  •  After it is smooth add water and churn with mathu/ mathuni till nice and frothy.
  •  In a mixer add coriander leaves, mint leaves, lemon and grind it to a fine paste.Sprinkle water if necessary.
  • Add this green puree to the buttermilk and churn with mathu again.
  • Add salt as need and then churn.
  • Make it thin or thick according to your want.
  • Chill this in a refrigerator and them enjoy.

Tamil nadu Mor recipe


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