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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Raspberry Kalakand | Microwave Raspberry Kalakand

Happy Raksha Bandhan

The day has come when sisters had done all purchasing for the occasion and brothers , oh yeah they really don't have anything to but to fill their pockets with lot of blessing , you know what I mean :P.. Oh yes rakhi has finally arrived and it is that time in a year when brothers are pampered with sweets and sisters are pampered with lots of gifts. When I was kid I only celebrated rakhi for the return gifts, as we grew the meaning of rakhi hit my mind. I have a lil brother who is a prankster , I always have a argument with him all the time . Even now ( after my marriage) we do have a lot of arguments but the thing is we don't take any argument to heart which does not really happen in any of the relationship do you agree??. So this festival is really dear to me , though am away from home town i wish my bro gets all happiness he deserves. I know many brothers and sisters like us are celebrating rakhi staying away. I am so happy we celebrated rakhi in home country last year and my bro gifted me a nose pin which I was obsessed about. Ok coming to the festival, Raksha bandhan is celebrated  for brother sister bond or it can also to put together as a holy thread is tied on brothers hands by sisters to protect their brothers from any kind of negativity. this tradition is followed for years now and it is some modern twists to it too. One week before rakhi you will find lots of varieties of rakhi available in the stores , there some really fancy once which is attract kids a lot.

Raksha bandhan wishes

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So I was working on a post from past 2 weeks and nothing really happened, I could only type 2 lines, I daily open the page but get distracted with lots of things running around.. Some days of blogging are like that.. I feel it is ok to write when we are flowing with thoughts to share, this post I just completed in a hour as there are so many thoughts running when I think about rakhi. This occasion is close to my heart, Coming from a marwari family our traditional sweet is always been Ghevar or Peda. But since have already post Ghevar and a blueberry peda , I wanted to do something different which will sure include some berries. He he my berry love is not end yet, I some times think it may bore the readers but as this one experiment I tried yesterday, I didn't want to make them wait in the drafts. I had some raspberries and so thought of preparing some sweet with it and a bulb glue to make kalakand which is my fav sweet. I searched google and there were no Raspberry flavored kalakand so here I am the first person to post this flavor I hope. Coming to the recipe it so easy to make with a microwave , but it can also be made on stove top in very low flame. Hope you will love this berry flavored kalakand. We just enjoyed this innovative sweet a lot.

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Raksha Bandhan recipe

Raspberry Kalakand

                                            Category  Preparation time      Cook Time  
         5 mins                   15- 20 mins


  Ricotta Cheese - one  15 oz pack 
  Condensed Milk – 14 oz ( 1 tin)
  Raspberry puree - 1/4 cup
  Chopped Pistachios – 5-6 Nos
  Rose petals - For garnish 
  Ghee – 2 tsp
  Pink food color - a drop ( optional)


  •  In a microwave safe  bowl , grease it with ghee.. mix the Ricotta Cheese, Raspberry and the Condensed Milk well.
  • Mix them well till all the lumps are gone.
  • Microwave for 10 minutes uncovered by stirring them occasionally after every 2 mins.
  • Don't forget to mix them well in regular intervals. Add food color if needed , it is optional.
  • Sprinkle chopped Pistachios  in a rectangular greased tray press down and flatten the kalakand mixture on top .
  •  Cover and allow to set either in the refrigerator for an hour or on the counter-top for a few hours. 
  •  Cut into desired shape and serve.
  •   You can make this in the stove top too , take all the ingredients in the non stick pan and cook it in very low flame till the mixture comes together.
  • I didn't add any extra flavoring like cardamom or rose essence in this to keep it berry flavored.
  • You can also use whole raspberries instead of pureeing them when you make them in stove top.  

Microwave Kalakand recipe

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  2. lovely , apt for festive season

  3. I prepare kalakand with ricotta cheese and condensed milk only. Adding raspberry puree to it is a great idea. Easy to make elegant sweet! Looks great!

  4. wow.. kalakand looks delicious... rasberries sure would have added a great flavour... nice recipe thanks for sharing...
    I am hosting "My signature dish" event in my blog... Please participate and send in your entry to the event..

  5. Lovely pics Manju my fav is the one where Ish is holding the kalakand. Interesting recipe and you are one sweet specialist :)

  6. Sounds interesting and the dessert looks so attractive and delicious. loved the pretty pink color...well done manju :)


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